We’re hiring! Inventory Manager / General Office Assistant


Hey folks, we’re currently looking for someone to come work with us part time as our shipping manager and general office assistant.

This is a flexible part time position at our headquarters in Portland (currently SE, but soon to be NE). The main functions are shipping orders, managing inventory, and helping with customer service. There is also some light administrative work.

We have a fun, creative work environment with lots of room to grow and learn new skills.

You can read the full job description and info on how to apply here.

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On , maddie said: | madalynne.com

how I so wish I lived in Portland!

On , leah said:

I wish I was seeing this about 2 years in the future when I will be living in Portland again! I remember applying to be your assistant way back when you were hiring someone for the very first time. I got the most lovely rejection letter. I remember it being very sweet and I didn’t even end up feeling too bad. It all worked out as it should, and I basically have that same job now, except with a jewelry line in New Orleans.

On , sj kurtz said: | erniekdesigns.blogspot.com

Moving good. More employees good. Little bit by little bit, growing every day.

Good work, Sarai and company! Grow and be fruitful!

In looking for one, found another cool map of Portland

On , Laura said:

sj kurtz – I have that Portland map hanging on my wall! Along with the Los Angeles version (where we used to live). I found the prints in a store on NE Alberta.

On , Allyson said:

Any full time openings in the future? Would love a good reason to move out of Texas…

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