Fall Palette Challenge 2011!

At the beginning of the year, we did a Spring Palette Challenge, and it was such a hit that we’re ready to start a new one for Fall!

So what is the Fall Palette Challenge? In a nutshell, it’s a 10-week challenge to get you thinking about sewing pieces that work together, coordinate, and work for you. It’s designed to inspire your thinking about color and help you make clothes that fit your style and wardrobe.

Here’s how it works. You choose a color palette for Fall, choose how many pieces you want to make, and try to complete them within our 8 week timeframe. It’s really fun and low pressure. If you don’t finish, who cares?

So here’s the structure for this challenge:

  • Week One: Define your challenge. Gather inspiration, make inspiration boards, review fabric choices, pick your palette, and decide how many garments you’d like to sew from the palette. Plan out your projects and decide what you’ll be making.
  • Weeks Two through Eight: Sew! Make your mini wardrobe, and share your progress with everyone else in the community forum.

And this time, we’ll be collaborating with the wonderful community over at COLOURlovers! The folks over there asked me to do a little guest blogging, and I thought the Fall Palette Challenge would be perfect. If you haven’t visited COLOURlovers, you should definitely take a look, because it’s a great way to create palettes and gather color inspiration.

I’ll be posting more about how to use COLOURlovers for this challenge soon. In the meantime, start thinking about your color ideas! I’ll be posting my palette and moodboard tomorrow to kick us off, and I will (hopefully) start sharing my own projects starting Sept. 9!

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On , Ms.Cleaver said: | mscleaver.com

I’m so in!!

On , Jeri said:

I am in too but am dying to see what patterns you guys are going to have for the fall. I know you stated that they would be ready for sale possibly next week but any chance you can give us a sneak peek to whet our appetites and help us with the color inspiration?????

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

I really want to give you guys a sneak peek! I’m considering putting them up for pre-order quickly so that I can share them sooner.

On , Lizz said: | agoodwardrobe.com

I hope you aren’t just teasing! I can’t wait to see the new patterns.
The Fall Palette Challenge will be a great boost for me to finish up my fall wardrobe. I look forward to seeing everyone’s colors!

On , Reana Louise said: | curvespatternsandpins.blogspot.com

Wonderful! I only just started sewing when the Spring Challenge was on, so I never got to participate. Is it Ok for us southern-hemispherians to participate in a topsy turvy (i.e. Spring!) challenge? RL x

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Of course, no problem!

On , Shawnta said: | divinerae.blogspot.com

I’m in! I’ve been thinking about my fall wardrobe for sometime now so this is perfect along with all the other challenges going on :-)
I too would love a sneak peak of the new patterns!

On , LadyKatza said: | peanutbuttermacrame.blogspot.com

OH YAY! Cause you know what? The Roobios is in my pallet as well. And I’ve been giving what I want for Fall a lot of thought. Right now though, I am trying to finish up new curtains.

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Heh, I just bought fabric yesterday for a window shade. I’ll have to fit it in with all this wardrobe sewing!

On , ladykatza said: | peanutbuttermacrame.blogspot.com

LOL, you too! ? It started out with me going “What am I going to do with this 7.5 yards of raw silk my Aunt sent me” and “I need new curtains that actually BLOCK OUT SUN”.

On , PascalefromParis said: | parisfrommywindow.blogspot.com

Youpi !
I was waiting for this one since I am back from hollidays!
I have a lot to sew for the kids and hubby, but that challenge will be a very good thing for ME! ;-)
So happy,

On , Brandy Layton said: | manyadventuresofbran.blogspot.com

Very exciting! This will be my first! I have your sewing book on pre-order and I can’t wait to see the patterns. Hmm Off to look at my stash of fabrics!

On , sonja said:

Love this idea … whether or not I have time to sew on clothing for me, is another thing entirely. But I did make a color palette for myself … just in case :) http://www.colourlovers.com/palette/1731610/My_Fall_Wardrobe

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Lovely! I just saw a beautiful cobalt blue wool at my local fabric store yesterday. It was very very tempting.

On , Kelly Jeanne said:

I am so ready to do this! I already have one piece I’ve purchased that I’d like to use as an inspiration point and have been thinking about doing something like this on my own for a couple of weeks! Yay!!!

On , Leah Sparks said:

hehe… I only just finished the crepe dress from the spring palette challenge this week!
It’s a lovely summer dress only now it’s too cold to wear it! I’m going to start working on the roobibos next.

I’m up for giving it another go tho!

p.s. a sneak peak at the new patterns would be fantastically helpful ( I think I’m already sold on the trousers)


On , Gemini said: | lapetitechouette.wordpress.com

Great idea! I haven’t done anything like this before and it will be a real challenge for my procrastinating tendencies. I’m in!

On , Melanie said: | queenoftheflies.blogspot.com

I followed the spring challenge with envy. This time I am definitely losing the baby weight and the fall challenge will keep me motivated! I am so in.

On , meredith said: | fairytalestelltales.blogspot.com

I’m in! My challenge will probably be small, but I love the idea of sticking within a color scheme.

On , Andrea said: | compasscollective.blogspot.com

I have just started sewing this month actually. I’m in love with this challenge! Great way to motivate me and learn!

On , Jessica said:

I am so excited! I was thinking about this yesterday and wondering if you were still going to do a Fall Challenge! I am so in!!

On , Stevie said: | beebeesvintagedress.blogspot.com

I’m in. I’ve already started for fall and have the bare bones of a plan already. As I’m losing weight it gives me 10 weeks in which to aim for a target, and at the end? A whole mini wardrobe as a reward!

On , Jess said:

Will your fall patterns be released in enough time to include them in our challenge if we wish? I hope so! I am looking forward to the cigarette pant!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Definitely… we’re hoping to start shipping them in 1-2 weeks.

On , Wanett said: | sownbrooklyn.wordpress.com

I’m in!! Already posted about it!

On , Leah said: | strugglesewsastraightseam.wordpress.com

I’m all in! I too watched the Spring palette challenge with envy, and am excited to work on the fall! It’s funny, I thought a lot about colors and then ended up basing everything around this piece of purple wool in my stash that I want to get rid of….oh, well, it’s better to stash bust then to accumulate, right? The Philadelphia Fringe Festival means I wont get to do much work on this until Mid-September, but at least I will stretch out the summer! I can’t wait to see what new patterns Colette has in store for us!

On , Andrea said:

I’m in! I love Colour Lovers too!

On , Carlotta Stermaria said: | carlottastermaria.fr

I’m in! I can’t say the Spring palette challenge has been a huge success for me, but I followed the same process for my Summer Essentials Sew-Along and I’m pretty happy with my gingham-and-stripes wardrobe (except for the fact I haven’t taken pictures yet)!!

I already started a Pinterest board wih the challenge in mind, and I’m eager to see what everybody else will come up with!

On , Sarah said: | rhinestonesandtelephones.blogspot.com

Oh, I am so in!!! I am tying this sew-along together with our Fall Essentials Sew-Along (FESA), which kicks off September 1st!

Off to Pinterest to start planning!

On , Lisa said: | techiestyle.blogspot.com

Oooooh, this sounds like tons of fun. Question is, do I actually have time for it? My current project at work is wrapping at the end of September, and I have lots of sewing left to do for New York Comic Con. But, on the other hand, it’s a goal of mine to make more of my own clothes. So maybe I’ll just go for it, and finish late if it comes down to it.

On , meredith said: | fairytalestelltales.blogspot.com

Oooh, are you sewing your own costume? I only just decided to go so I don’t think I’ll be able to wrangle up anything cool on short notice, but maybe next year!

On , Lisa said: | techiestyle.blogspot.com

Yes, I sew all my own costumes! Tentative costume schedule is Princess Leia on Friday (done), Codex from The Guild on Saturday (piles of fabric and prop making supplies acquired, still need some corset making supplies. Mockup, however, looks pretty fab), X-Wing pilot on Sunday (in progress, aiming to have finished for 9/16 so I can wear it to the Dodgers’ Star Wars night and dance on the dugout). And if any of these fall through, I definitely have enough costumes to cover the gap, but if I sew like a madwoman, it should come together in time. I did Giselle from Enchanted in ten days last year, and it came out really well, so I’m not too worried.

Because I’m a total show-off: http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b179/JediDWH/Epic%20Central%20Park%20Giselle%20shoot/DSC_0863.jpg

Costume or no, I’m sure you’ll have tons of fun. There’s so much to experience, and lots of really interesting panels. It really is a great way to spend a weekend. :D

On , neemie said: | wearablemuslin.blogspot.com

i’ve never participated in a sewing challenge or sewalong before. this will be my first one. i’m so very excited about it!

On , wildflower31 said: | crochetandsewforth.blogspot.com

I have always wanted to be part of a sew along, a whole wardrobe is kind of ambitious for me since i just began sewing this year., but i’m in, love the coordinating pallet idea.

On , Debi said: | fashionsfromthepast.blogspot.com

YAY!!! So happy the colour palette challenge has returned! I love it soooo much!

On , Sinje said: | hausmausblog.de

I’m in and am so excited about this challenge! Thank you so much Sarai, for all your great great work!

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On , Sai said: | chance-of-rain.com

I am so IN!!! And I can’t wait for the sneak peek for the fall collection! I’ve been wanting to focus on creating a collection for my sewing. This is so fun!

On , Vicki said: | reventuring.blogspot.com

ha! I just figured out how to add a button to my blog! yay me!

I’m so excited for this Fall Challenge. I have some colors picked out in my head already, but need to, y’know, tweak it a little and make it pretty for sharing. Thanks so much for doing all these super fun things!

On , Brandy Layton said: | manyadventuresofbran.blogspot.com

Alright I am most definitely in I have even blogged about it here

my palette, my fabric, and my patterns. I ready to go.

On , Jeanne Marie said: | jmsewingstudio.com

OK, I’m in! As it happens, I ordered fabric yesterday for my first attempt at the Sencha blouse. I’m also hoping for a dress and (egad) a pair of pants. No pressure, right? Right?

On , Marynette said: | marchandedenvies.blogspot.com

Then you’ve got a french girl in the group! Of course I’m in but I hope I’ll do the challenge until the end…no pressure?

On , Patricia Austin said:

I am sooo in! Just moved from Chicago to Berkeley. That’s pretty close to your former hood in CA right??? I am anxiously awaiting on our POD so I can get started. Just found Britex and Stone Mountain Daughter to get the creative juices flowing. Can’t wait!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Yep, I lived in Berkeley and did grad school there! We were just there visiting too. :)

On , Tina said:

I think I may be game for this. I’ve been trying to plan a few outfits for fall and this maybe the kick in the pants I need to get started. I don’t have a blog, but have really wanted to start one. So maybe this is the kick in the pants I need for that as well…

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On , ELISE said: | elusivereveries.blogspot.com

I just had a peek at the new collection, and I’m so excited ! So feminine and elegant ! I’m so very excited about it. Once again, you’ve (Colette ) has gotten it right ! I can hardly wait to purchase these truly one of a kind patterns.

Thanks so much, and Congratulations !

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On , Lynne Williams said: | sewingcafewithlynne.blogspot.com

Count me in, although it has me shaking in my boots. So much to do this fall, but there is always time for wardrobe sewing.

Love the new look :)

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On , michael ann said: | michaelannmade.com

this sounds like just the kick in the pants i need! i have a whole list of projects just waiting to be sewn, and now i have the motivation to get them done! i will hopefully be posting about a mood board this weekend, i’ve loved seeing everyone else’s ideas on the forum. yay for fall sewing!

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On , Mommy en France said: | twolittlecabbagesandcie.blogspot.com

I’m in! Hooray, this is going to be so much fun! I’ve ordered a Peony pattern (the dress is in my palette), I wonder how long it will take to reach France?


On , Norine said: | fivebahtelephant.blogspot.com

I really want to join in. I like challenges to keep me motivated :)

On , Kristin said: | inmykindofway.blogspot.com

This sounds like fun! I’m in!
I’ll post about the challenge and my moodboard on my blog in a few days.

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On , Debbie said: | debbie-sewdebbie.blogspot.com

I think I need to do this challenge! I need to keep on track of what I need to sew for all..

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On , Kathy Vaughn said: | akvaughn.blogspot.com

I am late coming in. I just wrote a post on my blog, Potpourri and Lagniappe showing my inspirations and colors for this fall season. This is going to be fun.

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On , Juliet said: | crazygypsychronicles.blogspot.com

Now I am seriously late here… only just discovered this challenge a week ago but I’ve been doing some serious catching up and am ready to start sewing… don’t suppose you could squeeze me in? I’ll be sewing for Spring though, seeing as I live in the southern hemisphere (and cannot bear another thought of winter!).

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Sure! You can really start any time!

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