Free Pattern: A gentleman’s necktie

Update: We’ve discovered a few problems with this pattern and have temporarily removed the download links until we can address them and create a corrected version. Sorry!

Holy smokes, Father’s Day is this Sunday! What a great excuse to share a new pattern with you all: a classic gentleman’s necktie brought to you by the lovely Kristina Angelozzi of Fischer clothing. We will hand the blog over to Kristina as she shows you the step-by-step process for sewing up a super special gift.



Hello Colette readers, I’m Kristina of Fischer clothing from Brooklyn and I’m thrilled Colette Patterns is giving me the opportunity to share a little tutorial with you!

Neckties seem like a pretty cliché Father’s Day gift, but they can definitely take on a whole new sentiment when you make them yourself. It’s so much more personal to hand pick a fabric you know he’ll love, isn’t it? I chose a multicolor madras pattern for my dad since he’s a pretty classic and casual dude.

When I first set out to add ties to my mens collections about two years ago, I searched high and low for a thorough tutorial on how to make them. I was unsuccessful and finally wound up buying a few ties at a thrift store and tearing them apart to see how they were constructed. I altered a few details to suit my style and have been hand-making them here in Brooklyn ever since.

I’ve replicated my patten in a downloadable version for you all to try at home. This tie is a standard 55″ length and 3 3/4″ Wide. It’s slim, and I find it looks good on a variety of body types.

Supplies Needed:

  • Our free downloadable necktie pattern
  • outer fabric: 3/4 yd of 45″ or 60″ wide fabric
  • contrast lining fabric: 1/4 yd
  • interlining (I use muslin): 1 1/4 yd
  • thread to match the outer fabric
  • iron & ironing board
  • sewing machine
  • scissors


Before starting, assemble the tiles of your necktie pattern pieces and cut out the pattern. Then follow the instructions below.

1. Cut the Necktie Front (A) and Necktie Tail (B) from the main fabric, cutting these pieces on the bias. Cut the Necktie Front Lining (E) and Necktie Tail Lining (D) from the contrast lining fabric. Cut the Necktie Interlining piece from the interlining fabric. Pay attention to the grainline, as all these pieces should be cut on the bias.



This is what the pieces look after they’ve been cut out:


2. With the right sides together, match up the flat, short ends of the Necktie Front (A) and Nectie Tail (B), as shown. Stitch together with 3/8 seam allowance.


3. Press seam open.


4. Fold the tie in half lengthwise, with the right sides together, as shown below.

Take a look at the ends of your tie and you will see a small flat tip. Stitch across the tip with a 3/8″ seam allowance, stopping 3/8″ from the diagonal edge. In other words, stitch this tip for a few stitches, but do not stitch into the seam allowance. Backstitch to secure.

This small stitched edge will allow you to turn the tip under later.


5. Unfold, then match right sides of the main fabric to right sides of the liner pieces.


6. Sew along the notched edge and one side of point, stopping at the tip before sewing over the small tuck.


7. Starting on the opposite side of the tuck, sew opposite side of point.


8. Repeat steps 6 & 7 on the other end of the tie. Trim away excess seam allowance.

9. Turn ends inside out and press. You can use a fancy point turner for this, but a simple knitting needle or chopstick will work just fine. Now you’ll see that the small tuck helped to miter the corner.


10. With your tie right side down, lay interlining along the center and tuck ends into the little pockets you created with the outer fabric and the lining. Try and weasel the points together on the inside as closely as possible.

Here, I’m showing the interlining above the lining, so you can see how it should be aligned. But you will want to tuck it inside of the lining piece.


11. Fold over one unfinished edge so the interlining is tucked against the crease.


12. Fold up the opposite unfinished edge.


13. Turn the exposed edge under about 1/2″, making sure to keep the folded as close to the center of the tie’s length as possible. This is your finished center back seam.


14. About 3″ from the bottom of the inside lining, slipstitch the center back seam to the other side of the tie. It does help here to have a few pins to keep it in place.


Also, if you fold the tie in half lengthwise as you sew, you get a better vantage point to catch both pieces of fabric.


15. Once you’ve completed your slipstitching, you’ll need to put a loop of some sort to hold the tail in place while being worn. I use my labels, but you could easily use a a piece of bias tape, grosgrain or just make a little strip out of fabric. My standard placement is 10″ from the tip.


Et viola!! That wasn’t so bad, was it?



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On , milena said: | milenasews.wordpress.com

Thank you for posting this pattern! I’ve made bowties for my boyfriend before, but never neckties. Time to start :-)

On , El said: | thepinkhamster.com

Thank you. I have been wanting a good trustworthy tie pattern for ages.

On , Paige @ LPD said: | luxperdiem.com

I know what I’m doing tonight!

On , Wanett said: | sownbrooklyn.com

Let’s hear it for the boys!!! I love having this Father’s Day option!! Just in case my Negroni by Sunday plan doesn’t pan out ;D

On , Alice said:

Like a dream come true!! I have just bought the Negroni Pattern, and have been hunting for Tie patterns, i got an ok-ish one and had ‘print tie pattern’ noted on my hand for my ‘to do’ list at lunch……SO glad to find this awesome pattern!! Thank you!

On , Marie said: | asewingodyssey.blogspot.com

Holy smokes, this is incredible! I was looking for something nice and easy to make for my boyfriend and this is perfect. Thanks for sharing!

On , Roxy said: | sewdebeaux.blogspot.com

I will definitely be making use of this tie pattern. Thankyou!!

On , Ginger said: | gingermakes.wordpress.com

Perfect! What a lovely tutorial! Thank you so much!

On , the other emily said: | the-other-emily.blogspot.com

Woah, THANK YOU for this awesome pattern and lovely, straightforward tutorial!

I just got engaged to my BF of 10 years this past Sunday (!!!), and while I knew immediately I would be making my own dress, it never even occurred to me that I could also make something special for him to wear to our wedding! I will definitely be sewing him a beautiful tie – and maybe even embroidering something mushy on the inside loop. :)

On , Rachel said: | raywuwei.me

You should definitely do some mushy embroidery :) And you can make it match your handmade wedding dress, too!

On , Sassy T said: | threadnoir.blogspot.com

No mana in my life but am going to make a cool one. Watch tjhis space https://www.facebook.com/SassySewingBees

On , Katy said: | denimskirtsandotherstuff.blogspot.co.uk

Thanks for sharing the pattern and tutorial. I have it bookmarked!

On , Melissa said: | craftrambler.blogspot.com

What a great tutorial – thanks!

On , cathy said: | cathywu.com

too cool! thank you so much! i knew you were releasing another pattern but i didn’t except this bonus one!

On , Melina Lindsey said:

Love this pattern! What would be an appropriate fabric to use? I would like to stay away from silk, as I’m vegan and don’t really want to make non-vegan gifts.

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

There are so many fabrics you can use! A few are listed in the pattern download (on the second page). But I think it would look wonderful in most cotton fabrics (like the madras here, or seersucker, or lawn, the list goes on!). A plaid cotton flannel for Fall would also be very cool. Also, you can often find rayons that mimic silk if you want a dressier look. Linen would work too! So many options.

On , elizabeth rehmer said: | sewrunningcrazy.blogspot.com

I am so excited to attempt this. It will make great gifts and normally i have a hard time finding items to make for men. Thank you!!

On , Reb – The Life Nostalgic said: | thelifenostalgic.com

Very cool! Thanks for sharing. xo

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On , Marina K said:

Awesome! I’m in the middle of making my stepmom a Laurel to wear to my brother’s college graduation next weekend—now I can use the leftovers to make my dad a matching tie!

On , Rachel said: | raywuwei.me

That will be too cute!

On , Michelle said: | tresbienensemble.com

Oh, THANK YOU! I’ve been looking for a men’s tie pattern that wasn’t too… 80’s/clown shaped. I can’t wait to put this to use!

On , Kim said: | revesmecanique.blogspot.com

Wow! It’s like you read my mind, this morning I was actually asking my dad what fabric he prefers for his ties, thinking of fathers day sewing :)

On , Alice said:

Great tutorial, great pattern, but for some reason I can neither save nor print it. It downloads but doesn’t show up in my downloads. ?????? Any thoughts?

On , Alice said:

Never mind, I got it!!

On , LLBB said:

thank you!!

On , ultrahedonist said: | ultrahedonist.com

This is brilliant! Thank you!

On , Marianna said:

Thank you so much. Now I have something to make my dad and my husband that won’t take me months.

On , Rachel In Red said: | rachelinred.com

Love it! It has a very retro feel to it! Will make one… some day!

On , Emma Jayne said: | clippedcurves.wordpress.com

Thank you soooo much for the free pattern – I’ll be using it to make Christmas presents for the men in my life. Really clear tutorial too.

On , Fiona said:

Thanks so much for this pattern. I have it bookmarked. I may make my boyfriend a matching tie for a wedding which we are attending.

On , Fiona said:

How long should this project take from start to finish?

On , Rachel said: | raywuwei.me

I think even beginner sewists should be able to whip this up within an hour!

On , Emma said:

Thank you so much! My brother really loves to wear a shirt and tie so I think that making him some really nice ties would be a great gift for him. I might decide to adjust the dimensions slightly, but I’ll ask my brother about how he likes to wear his ties so I can determine that. Now to stock up some nice fabrics between now and Christmas!

On , Rachel said: | raywuwei.me

It’s definitely a fun pattern to play with! I’m going to make a slimmer version for some of my guy friends who are into the 60s menswear aesthetic.

On , Jill Parmer said:

I’m making this now, and 3/4 of a yard of interlining (45″ width) was not long enough for the Necktie Interlining pattern piece (54.5″ long when all taped together). Am I doing something wrong? Is there a misprint in the materials list?

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

I just double checked this and you are correct. I will update the instructions and download ASAP.

On , Nicole said:

Hi- will a new pattern be posted soon? Thanks!

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On , Maxine said:

Thank you for the pattern. I have been looking for a great tie pattern to make my son a few.

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On , El said: | thepinkhamster.com

I am having a very hard time with these ties. It seems as if the tie ends always come out wonky. After all the folding, the two sides do not meet and match. I have made 3 so far and still no luck.

On , El said: | thepinkhamster.com

Never mind! I found the problem and now I have some very nice ties! I was able to fix the wonky ones.

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[…] Free Pattern: A gentleman's necktie | Coletterie http://www.coletterie.com/Holy smokes, Father's Day is this Sunday! What a great excuse to share a new pattern with you all: a classic gentleman's necktie brought to you by the lovely Kristina Angelozzi of Fischer clothing. We will hand the blog over to … […]

On , Mary Ellen said: | maryzoomannex.etsy.com

Love those pattern weights!

On , Carol Anderson said:

Thank you for the pattern! I would like to put an embroidery on the tie and this would probably be the time to do that. Could you give me an idea on where to place the embroidery.

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On , Clare Hutchins said:

Please help. What am I getting wrong with attaching the lining piece to the tips of the tie once I have sewn over the end. They don’t seem to match up! What should the seam allowance be?
Also, the interfacing section is too short. I have sewn middle with a 3/4″ seam allowance. Could this be because I am getting the end sections wrong.

On , Nicole said: | nicolerunde.com

I’m having the exact same issue. Lining pieces don’t match up, and the interlining section is way too short!, around 2″.

On , Nicole said: | nicolerunde.com

What is the seam allowance for this pattern? It doesn’t say anywhere! Thanks.

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On , Lara said:

Hello! I tried this pattern and It has a lot of things wrong! The part of the tie which goes around the neck is too wide, so It doesn´t fit in the collar of a shirt. Looking at the pictures of the tutorial, the pattern you have used to make the tie doesn´t look like the one you´ve released.

So, I spent a lot of time and a piece of great fabric doing a tie that is not correct. I understand that the pattern is free but This fact shouldn´t mean that you give a slightly modified pattern.

If you are going to give misguided patterns I´d rather pay for a correct one. It´s impossible to do the tie of the pictures whith this pattern, and you know it.

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Lara, I’m checking in with the designer on this. She’s going to let us know about any issues/tweaks shortly.

On , Abby said:

I also had issues with this tie pattern. I chose it because it was more narrow than a pattern I already had, but it is wider around the neck and came out about 4″ too short! I am making a few for a wedding and thankfully I did a test run so I am able to make a few adjustments myself. Are you able to explain sewing in the liner with the tuck a little further, I just can’t seem to get a crisp point!

On , Teresa said:

I was wondering if you have a pattern for little boy ties? Or can I modify this pattern? I need the ring bearer to match the groomsmen.

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On , Mary Dauphine said:

Thanks for the tutorial — I’m not much of a seamstress, I have an embroidery business, and someone asked if I could embroider a Scripture verse on a tie for a gift. I’m going to give it a shot, but then I thought, how cool would it be to MAKE the tie and HAND-WRITE the Scripture verse on it somehow…thus the search for the tie pattern…at any rate, my real question is about the fabric — it looks like the material on your tutorial is a cotton of some kind…that would be the best, I think, for what I’m trying to do, but not sure. Any guidance you can provide regarding good choices in fabric would be appreciated…thanks! Mary

On , t k venkatesh said:

its too good sir , but i want to start a tie manufacturing factory to make 1000 ties per day.if you can help it will be of great help.

On , thep said:

thank you for your kindness of sharing pattern and full instruction ^^

On , John Tobias said:

I would appreciate it if you’d tell me if I’m reading this correctly: From what I gather, about 3/4 of a yard of fabric (in my case, a tartan poly/wool blend at about $25.00 a yard) is called for (primarily, among other things) to make one man’s necktie in about an hour or less, and the process would go more quick on doing more units (as they wold become routine). Does that serve to sum things up? Frankly, I can likely purchase a full-completed tie for less than cost to make it, if anything like a $20-$30 materials cost to make one tie is correct, as there’s cost of labor to be considered as well, which would certainly be no less the $10-15 an hour and cheap at that! Thanks for your kind reply, John in Milton, WA

On , Mavis said:

I think this pattern needs some adjustment – judging by the interlining shape, this tie is about 2cm too wide at the collar. I’ve laid it out over a purchased tie, and it looks like this is caused by the way it tapers – in the purchased tie the tapering happens mostly on the front/wider half. On this pattern, it tapers evenly to the end.

On , Caitlin said:

This was very disappointing, everything made sense- before I started stitching. The pattern does not make the tie shown, the only possible result is a messy waste of material. What is the purpose in offering a free pattern with clearly incorrect pattern making? I really hope other people notice this before wasting their time.

On , kalash said:


On , Robin said:

These directions are much clearer than the store bought pattern I am using! My only question is what keeps the interlining in place?
I am doing a sample tie before committing to making one for a gift .

On , Jessica said:

Hi – I was just about to make this tie when I noticed there have been issues with the pattern. Just wondering if there is any update?? Thanks :)

On , Brad said:

I just tried to download the necktie pattern and the page is no longer available? Is it possible to still download it?

On , Brad said:

Ha, I just noticed the comment at the very top of the post… Any update when the pattern will be available to download?

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On , Nicole Runde said:

Any chance the revisions will be up soon? I’d love to make a few for holiday gifts :) Thank you!!

On , Paolo said:

Same… any news about the pattern? Thank you!

On , Lindsay said: | etsy.com

I downloaded this pattern a few months ago but just recently made this tie and didn’t have much of a problem. It’s a little too wide around the neck and the lining didn’t quite match up, but it was easy to cut down to size.
You can see the finished product here – http://www.burdastyle.com/projects/shirt-tie

On , Anita said:

Thank you for this. It is the best tutorial I have found for making a men’s tie. The photos are very clear. I’m using an old tie as a pattern, but look forward to being able to download your revised pattern when it is ready.

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On , Paulette said:

I just found a job posted on Craigslist for making mens ties, they want me to provide a labor price. How long does it make to make a mans tie and does anyone know what the average labor cost should be?
Thanks for your help

On , Robin said:

Here is what I did… I was asked by a friend to make a tie for her boss. I had never done a tie but have sewed for 30+ years, making all sorts of items including wedding dresses, jackets etc. I made one out of material similar to what she wanted, to make sure I could do a quality job before I committed. I then made the tie she wanted. It took a bit more than 3 hours and I asked her for between $30 and $45. I wasn’t sure on an hourly rate, but was leaning towards $15 an hour. She paid me $40, so that was $13.33 an hour.
Remember you are skilled and are being paid for that skill. I don’t know what the average is but would also be interested to know, because now a shop near me wants me to do them!
Good luck!

On , Susan Bartlett said:

Do you know when the skinny tie pattern will be available again or can anyone out there let me have a copy of this pattern. I need to may 8 skinny ties for my Sons wedding and am struggling to find a pattern

On , AShleigh said:

just wondering when you might have the pattern again. I’d like to make a tie for my son and you guys have one of the only legit patterns out there! THanks!

On , Leanda said:

I am wanting to make my husband a tie as he is the father of the bride. Any news on when this pattern will be back up? Would so much appreciate your help.

On , Crissy said:
On , jmm17 said:

Hiya! Do you know when the pattern will be back up by any chance?

On , Micha said:

Just FYI, the pattern is available on the Web Archive (https://web.archive.org/web/20130625153547/http://media.colettepatterns.com/free/patterns/colette-patterns-0004-necktie.pdf). Some people reported success with this pattern, so I’ll give it a try tomorrow.

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On , Lavonna said:

While disappointed I’m unable to download Kristina’s tie pattern, I found her tutorial very helpful and easy to follow.
Thanks for posting

On , maria said:

When is the pattern coming?

On , Maurina Beasley said:

Oooops….so sorry you do not have your tie pattern here now. We needed it today. LOL Hope you will have it soon. Thanks

On , Taylor said:

This looks awesome! When will the pattern be up here again though??

On , Rebecca said:

Just wondering if your pattern will be available soon. Thanks!

On , Marilyn said:

Hoping the pattern for the tie will be available soon. Thank you-

On , Julie said:

Very impressed with your tie-making tutorial and would also appreciate the pattern for making ties for my six sons on the occasion of the wedding of son #2. :-)

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