Blog tour and big giveaway for The Colette Sewing Handbook!

All through the month of November, I’ll be participating in a blog tour to help share The Colette Sewing Handbook with the world!

As many of you know, with this book I really wanted to create something that would be a guide to more thoughtful, beautiful, and engaged sewing. That’s why I tried to cover topics that aren’t always well represented in sewing books, such as planning out projects, learning about different types of fabric, and getting a good fit. These are the types of things I wish I’d learned first thing, rather than through years of trial and error. And of course, I wanted it to be very visual and hands on.

You’ll get a chance to see some of that in the posts on the blog tour, as well as some interviews and giveaways.


I’m also doing a giveaway right here, for a copy of the book (signed, of course!) and five patterns of your choice. All you have to do is leave a comment here letting me know your favorite pattern (either from the book or the shop), and I’ll draw a winner on Dec. 5, once the tour is over.

This giveaway is open to everyone, and I will ship worldwide!

ETA: We have a winner! Congratulations to Renee, who was randomly chosen by the random number generator, with her comment:

“I’ve been waiting for a book like this one! My favorite would be……….the Lady Grey coat! I love it!”

Tour Schedule

Here’s the schedule for the tour. Visit these guys for more fun posts, reviews, examples of things they’ve made, and giveaways!

Nov 2: Craft Buds – interview and giveaway
Nov. 3: Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing – lace insertion tutorial for the Licorice dress
Nov. 4: Sewaholic – book excerpt
Nov. 8: Flossie Teacakes – Interview with Sarai and book review
Nov. 8: A Fashionable Stitch – book excerpt and review
Nov. 9: Pink Chalk Studio – Book review
Nov. 10: Craft Gossip – Interview with Sarai and giveaway
Nov. 11: Bolt Fabric – book review
Nov. 14: True Up: Fabric Fives with Sarai
Nov. 15: Frolic! – On styling the book’s photos
Nov. 15: Threads Magazine – Giveaway
Nov. 16: Whipstitch – book review
Nov. 16: Honey Kennedy – Styling ideas
Nov. 17: A Dress a Day – Interview with Sarai
Nov. 18: Not Martha – book review
(break for Thanksgiving week)
Nov. 28: Casey’s Elegant Musings – Project Planning, book excerpt and Casey’s thoughts
Nov. 29: MADE – giveaway
Nov. 30: Sew Weekly – book review
Nov. 30: Oh! Fransson – Elizabeth’s version of the Taffy pattern
Dec. 1: Sew Mama Sew – Guest post from Sarai on grainlines

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On , Sharonnz said:

Oh SUPER giveaway! Squeeeee. My favourite pattern that I’ve *made* so far is definitely the Crepe dress.

On , Angela Hathaway said:

I would love to win a copy of your sewing handbook! I love all of your patterns and follow your blog like crazy. Can’t wait to try out the Clover pants. As of now…my favorite pattern is Rooibos….I’ve made a few, fits like a charm! Thanks for everything you do :)

On , Jessica said: | sewlaugh.blogspot.com

Wow – my favorite pattern is such a hard choice – I love them all! I love the classic shape and how easy it is to add variations to Peony!

On , Saskia said: | mamamodus.blogspot.com

OH!!! This might be my chance of getting your book even in Belgium :oD (as a stay at home mom I just can’t afford the transport-costs at the moment :o( … sounds stupid I know … )
My favorite pattern is the Crepe, which I have already made and it looks awesome!
I must say though that the Peony is the next one I want to buy … looks so great!
This month is my birthday and I am hoping for some sponsoring from mom and dad lol)

Love your work and I will be following your tour!

On , Katy said:

My favourite pattern is a toss up between the Macaron and the Beignet. If I have to chose one then it would be ….. the Beignet skirt!!!

On , margaret said:

tough call, but I think my favourite pattern is the Crepe.

On , krystina said:

I love the Sencha top. Thanks so much for the chance to win your book, I’d be honored to win it!

On , Magpie Mimi said: | magpiemimi.blogspot.com

Wow! Thank you for such a wonderful competition! I love the Macaron pattern! I’d be so happy to win a copy of your book…if not it’ll be on my Christmas list for sure!

On , Ruth Leopardforce said:

I love the simplicity (and possibilities) of the Peony – plus I have to say I never thought a cummerbund could look so cool!

On , Rebeca said:

I love the Peony dress and also the Clover pants! Thank you for this opportunity and I hope your book is successful! best wishes.

On , Isabel said:

My favourite is still Macaroon, with Clover coming a close second but just because I haven’t tried to sew it’s yet!

On , Jenny said:

Hmmm, that’s a hard one. I love so many of your patterns and they have really been a catalyst to get me excited in sewing again and to build up my confidence. I fell in love with the polka dot Licorice dress when I saw it in your book preview, so will have to say that that one is my favourite pattern… for now any way :)

On , Suzy said: | suzysewing.blogspot.com

Woohoo!!! I’m sure the book will be a smashing success. Now a favourite pattern….that is a very difficult question you know. I love the Beignet, so versatile! I also love Lady Grey. There’s so many other patterns from you I have not yet had a chance to do. I’m sure I’ll love them.

On , Susan said:

I’ m not sure which is my favourite. Every time I look I see a fabric or a look that makes me go ‘wow I love that’. At a push I have to say Parfait is my current favourite as I’m eyeing that as my next (and first one) to make! Susan

On , Tiffany W said:

This is an awesome giveaway! My sewing skills are at a beginner level so I have sewn the Ginger and the Crepe to date. I love both! I am purchasing the fabric for the Clover this weekend. However, my desire is to get to an advance level to sew the Lady Grey which is my all time favorite. I really looking to the book.

On , Bree said: | stitchinmylifeaway.blogspot.com

The only pattern of yours I’ve made is the Sorbetto and I love it so much, I’m actually planning on making another one tonight! But I would love to make the Crepe, I love the lines and the fact that it’s a wrap dress!

On , lsaspacey said: | lifeisexamined.blogspot.com

I love your pattern line and so looking forward to the book. I just started checking my local bookstores shelves for it! My favorite pattern would have to be the Oolong and/or the Pastille that I made but I’m really looking forward to having a wardrobe of Clovers in all colors and all fabrics too. Good luck, but it seems this book is already a huge success.

On , Jennifer said:

Clover is currently my Colette Patterns fave, …which I just purchased from The Needle Shop in Chicago, (since the pants are so fitted am waiting to lose 5 lbs before starting the muslin!). Would enjoy (and will enjoy) reading the Colette Pattern Handbook this Winter.

On , Andrea said:

I love the Lady Grey coat for it’s swingy-ness and it’s classic style. Thanks for creating such beautiful patterns!

On , Kristy said: | handmaderetro.blogspot.com

I really love the Jasmine pattern but I think the Lady Grey is my fav from the ones I have not yet made!

So looking forward to the book but as the Book Depository is not shipping it yet I have a few more weeks to wait but no doubt the tour will give me plenty of inspiration in the meantime!

On , Katie B said:

I really love how Lady Grey turned out but I’m looking forward to Crepe!

On , Nicole Runde said: | nicolerunde.com

This is awesome!! My favorite is Rooibos–I’ve made two so far as a result of the GREAT sewalong here, and it’s the first pattern I’ve really gotten to fit me well. I tell everyone about your patterns–I feel like a CP groupie. Thanks for the giveaway!

On , seeks said: | theseekspeak.blogspot.com

I think Ginger is my favorite; I keep on coming back to that pattern when I daydream about patterns. :) I’m excited for the book blog tour and will be following it closely!. :)

On , Carla said: | tinyangrycrafter.blogspot.com

Wow!! What an amazingly generous giveaway! Thank you Sarai!
Even though I have yet to buy a Colette Pattern, my favorite would have to be Cinnamon. It can easily be made with a different fabric to make an adorable lounge outfit!

On , Alicia said:

I am in love with the Clover pants. Flattering, beautiful, and versatile–that is my kind of pattern!

On , Katie said:

Love your work. Good luck with the tour. Of the patterns I have made my fav is the lady grey (made with Gerties sew along). Though I am loving the clovers I’ve seen made up. That’s on my ‘must sew’ list.

On , Friederike said:

I quite like the Peony dress – unfortunately didn’t sew it yet. Thanks for the giveaway!

On , SabineC said:

Favorite pattern: Sencha! Love the keyhole neckline and the simple pattern…

On , Katie B. said: | katiebernhard.blogspot.com

Awesome! I always loved Lady Grey, and your newest dress pattern- Peony. Simple and classic. I love it! :)

On , Johanna said:

Ooh so many to choose from! I love a lot of them but the Meringue skirt has to be my favourite because I’m really looking forward to making it from your book! It looks simple yet cute!

On , Lindsay said:

I really love the parfait. It’s so versatile and I love it’s vintage yet modern look.

On , Rachel said:

I’ve got most of the shop patterns on my Christmas wish list (marked with many *** to indicate the level of desire). But the one I most want to make would be the Macaron dress. It’s got pockets and I don’t have to worry about whether or not my bra will show. Plus the fabric combos are endless. Super Win!

On , Bec Clarke said: | becclarke.blogspot.com

Oh my goodness I hate having to choose a single pattern so here is 2 that I have on my wishlist.
I love the Crepe and the Nutmeg patterns.
Thanks for the chance to win this great prize.

On , Crystal said:

How to pick a favorite?! I love the many Beignet skirts I’ve seen made up.

On , Monica said:

My favorite pattern is the Crepe, which I am just starting. I am learning how to sew and my first two garments were the Madeline Mini Bloomers (Modern Domestic class) and Sorbetto Top.

On , G said: | lin3arossa.wordpress.com

My fave pattern is the Beignet skirt, I think, though I also love Lady Grey and Crepe.

On , Pamela said:

I have never sewed from your patterns but have been wanting to since when I discovered them. Your book will be the perfect way to start! I love TRUFFLE, it’s so elegant, timeless with a wonderful interesting twist.
Thank you for the giveaway and all the inspiration you give us!

On , ellen said:

My gasp at the giveaway just made my boyfriend come in the room to check I was OK! (how sweet)…… and how exciting!
I’ve had to make the favourite pattern decision recently when i had to decide which will be my first purchase and Jasmine won it for me. I am busting to finish my degree , get my free time back and dive right into some serious sewing time. I will post my results (of the Jasmine, not my degree :) – only 5 weeks to go….!

On , Lisa said: | onlythesmall.blogspot.com

Amazing Giveaway! Congratulations on your book, I’d love to have it! I’d reallu like to make the Ceylon dress, I love the vintage feel of it.

On , Jess said:

Lady Grey is so beautiful, I would love one made with lovely black and a jewel tone purple lining (and purple stitching for interest on the belt) (drool). I am also in need of some nice fitting pants so the clover is a close second! Thanks!

On , Katherine said: | adventuresandeverything.blogspot.com

I’d really love to try out the Peony! It’s so sweet and cute :)


On , Lisa in New Zealand said:

What a great giveaway! My favourite pattern would have to be Jasmine, such a lovely classic pattern.

On , Pennie said: | nuzzle.wordpress.com

Wow what a book, can’t wait for it to reach the UK…my favourite pattern is without doubt Parfait, it just looks so totally wonderful…one day I might pluck up the courage/confidence to actually make it…instead of just gloating over the pattern and the instructions…

On , Tania said:

Ah, how to choose just one pattern? Almost impossible… but if pressed, I’d have to say Ceylon – so flattering and very elegant. A very generous giveaway – thank you!

On , Tracey Wirth said:

I love all your patterns, but I think my favorite is the Rooibos dress!!! So cute, slimming, vintage looking! It’s the best!

On , Jolene said: | scoochmom.blogspot.com

My favorite is Chantilly, but I want to make sooo many!! Thanks for the giveaway, I’m such a fan of your patterns!

On , Runswithscissors said:

Oh what a marvellous giveaway! I love Peony, oh and Violet, and Ginger and……I could go on. Thanks Sarai for such great pattern designs. I can’t wait for the book to launch in the UK. :-)

On , Dayna said:

i am new to sewing, having just started a dressmaking course in september, but i totally love the look of all your patterns, i am working on my first project in the class (sadly not a colette pattern, i only discovered you after i had started, and i felt i should stick with what i had started, hopefully i have a lifetime to stitch all the clothes i would want!)

but i have already bought the chantilly and rooibos and i think the truffle dress in the book looks absolutely gorgeous! i cannot wait to get onto these patterns!

good luck with your book xx

On , Frederique said:

I’ve made two Gingers and am planning a third, but my favourite pattern has to be the Ceylon dress – it took three muslins to sort out the fitting, and now I’m about to cut the fashion fabric. It’ll be my swing-dancing-inspired wedding dress!

On , Emilee said:

What an amazing giveaway! My favorite pattern is the Oolong, although I’ve never made it. It is so beautiful though

On , Marion said:

Congratulations on the release of the book! It looks utterly beautiful, stylish and useful. I adore pretty much all of your patterns, but my favourite is the Peony, which I hope to start sewing soon. Thank you for your fantastic blog and website. I’ve found it such a great help and inspiration for my sewing.

On , lindsey said: | kronhaus.wordpress.com

love clover & jasmine! can’t wait to try more…!

On , Debi said: | fashionsfromthepast.blogspot.com

I have to say that I think the Clover pattern may be my favourite sooo far….I definitely want to make up all the patterns in the book!

On , Kris said:

<3 Chantilly. I keep putting off purchasing it because I need separates more than dresses!

On , Angela said: | sewmentalmama.blogspot.com

Thank you for such an amazing giveaway and congratulations on your beautiful book. Your patterns are a joy to sew from, and my most recent favourite is Jasmine.

On , Jenelle said: | echinopsaster.blogspot.com

The Beignet was the first Colette pattern I was introduced to and it is still my favorite! I love the vintage feeling of the entire Colette collection and feel inspired that I could actually pick up one of your amazingly well-written patterns and produce something fashionable and custom-made while learning a few sewing tricks along the way. Congrats on the book launch and I look forward to diving into my personal copy soon!

On , Ashley-refurl said: | refurl.blogspot.com

The lady grey and beignet are two solid wardrobe staples for me! I enjoyed the process of making them almost as much as I enjoy wearing them. The rooibos pattern has been on my to-make list for quite some time, I hope to get around to that one soon.

On , Emma SL said:

After seeing some drop dead gorgeous versions on here – my favourite pattern would have to be Ceylon and I am totally kicking myself that I didn’t buy it last time!!! o/s shipping for one pattern would sting a bit much right now, and as much as I’d like to buy more to dilute the shipping cost, that would be even less helpful to the wallet *le sigh*

On , Jackie said:

Love the beignet, although the clover seems amazing. So excited about the new book & your Portland launch party!

On , Katie said: | unconventionalkatie.blogspot.com

It’s so hard to choose because I love all of your patterns. I’m going to go with Sencha because it’s the first one that came to mind.

Congrats again on the book!

On , Ginger said: | gingermakes.wordpress.com

Wow, great giveaway! I think my favorite pattern might be a new one– the Jasmine! It’s such a good representative of Colette Patterns– feminine and classic, but just a wee bit cheeky!

On , Tilly said: | tillyandthebuttons.com

Oh what a great idea to do a blog tour! I’d lurrrrve to win the giveaway. My favourite pattern is Beignet. It’s so versatile and wearable. I ‘ve already made three of them!

On , Ruth Nakamarra said:

Can’t wait to see the new book! My favourite of the new patterns would have to be a tie between the Peony and Truffle dresses :)

On , Musetica said:

Thank you for having a giveaway! I can’t wait to open this book up and start dreaming in fabrics and patterns! i think my fav pattern so far is the Beignet skirt. I am a beginner and that’s how far i ventured. After finishing it nad reading your book, i will try the Clover pants. They seem the perfect pair of pants!
Once again, Thank you and Congrats on your book!

On , Stephanie said: | knitthehellup.com

Very excited about the book– my roommate and I tried to find it in stores on its first day in print. My favorite pattern is Ceylon. It’s just BEYOND.

On , Susan – Knitters Delight said: | knitters-delight.blogspot.com

While I have purchased many of your patterns, my favorite is now Clover. I have made five so far and have the material for 2 more. It will be my version of “Seven days of Clover”. I always get comments about how thin I look, which is a huge bonus after having my first child 11 months ago. I have work versions, downtown versions, weekend cords versions, you name it! Very versatile.

On , Robyn said:

My favorite pattern is Crepe, and my favorite part of the Crepe pattern is the instruction book!

On , Kami said:

I have to say the Eclair dress is one of my favorites it was also the first of your patterns I made so it has a special spot in my heart!

On , Jane Elise said: | timepoorsewer.blogspot.com

I’m really looking forward to making the Taffy blouse. It is something that will extend my skills as I have minimal experience sewing with chiffon and cutting on the bias but the top is so gorgeously simple. And it is Spring here in Australia so I am sure I will wear it lots in the coming months!

On , Lauren Fitzgerald said:

It’s a tough call, but I think my favorite is the Rooibos dress. It’s a very flattering shape, with such thoughtful details. Congrats on the new book! Can’t wait to see it/win it!

On , Carol Carrier said:

Favorite pattern now is rooibos, but love them all

On , Alessa said: | farben-freude.blogspot.com

Awesome! I’ve got the book on preorder and I’m so looking forward to getting it! :D
My favorite pattern… gosh, they are all wonderful, but I think the Crepe dress. I love the neckline and the style of the skirt so much!

On , Annabelle said: | annabellebumps.blogspot.com

I love your Ceylon pattern. I have seen it pop up all over blogs and BurdaStyle – everyone looks amazing. I have bought the pattern and am just waiting for time to make it.

On , Laila Bee said: | stonytark.tumblr.com

My favorite pattern is the Macaron dress. It’s so adorable!

On , Natasha Jane said: | nattyjanesews.blogspot.com

My favorite Colette pattern is the Macaron dress! I’ve used it multiple times. I also have my eye on the Peony dress!

On , ann said:

i LOVE ceylon and have my fabric all ready for it. just want to get a few more projects under my belt so that i can do it justice

On , Jane said:

My current favorite is the Ceylon pattern, but I lust after them all!!

On , Patty Hatfield said:

I would love to win an copy of the book and patterns. I am new to sewing and so inspired by your designs!

On , Aurora Celeste said:

So hard! I love the Macaron dress and the Sencha blouse both!

On , Patty Hatfield said:

Forgot to say- Peony pattern is my new favorite!

On , Manette Gutterman said:

I love the Sencha blouse and the Rooibo dress (I’m sure I spelled that wrong). They’re both fab!

On , Ginger said:

I hope Santa brings me your book. My favorite Colette Pattern is the Crepe dress.

On , Teresa said:

I just love the Crepe dress. If forced to pick a favorite, it might have to be the one.
I am so excited for this book!

On , Maya said:

I cant wait to get the book! I think my favourite is… Violet. I was planning to ask for that and Peony for my birthday!

On , Libi said:

I think my favorite pattern (so far!) is the Ginger… it’s got so many easy variations…

On , Shannon said:

I love the Peony pattern! It’s been the most flattering dress I’ve made since I’ve been sewing.

On , Amy said: | gerwerken.wordpress.com

My favorite is Ginger. While I love the details on many of your other patterns, I love Ginger for it’s simplicity and versatility. It could be made 1000 different ways and still look fresh every time.

On , Shelley said:

So hard to choose favourites! If I really HAVE to narrow it down, my two faves would definitely be the Rooibos dress and the Jasmine blouse. So stylish and elegant!

On , Jessica said:

My favorite pattern is the Violet blouse. It’s charming and playful. I’m thrilled for the book release. Congratulations Sarai!

On , Paige said:

I really love chantilly. It’s such a classic feminine shape.

On , Marika said:

Oh what a great giveaway! I just got Ginger, which I have been eying since it came out, but I love the new Jasmin and Peony patterns. Thanks for such wonderful patterns and what I’m sure is a fantastic book.

On , Millie said: | interrobangsanon.wordpress.com

I love Rooibos! It’s simple and straightforward, yet the tiny collar and the unusually shaped pockets make it special.

On , lyn l. said:

What a generous and fabulous way to celebrate your book! I hope I will be lucky in December!! My absolute favourite pattern is Chantilly…but seeing so many peonies blooming they are a close second :) Have a great ‘tour’!

On , Kath said:

I love Parfait! I made my first in light denim. It is versatile, flattering and comfortable.

On , Tas said: | littleboozle.blogspot.com

I love your first dress patterns and have always loved the Macaron. So sweet.

On , Janelle P said:

I love the Ginger skirt because it looks like something pretty that I could actually make! (I am a beginner sewer)

On , Peggy said:

What a generous giveaway! Thanks so much!

My favorite pattern is the Ginger skirt. It was my first skirt and I was shocked at how quickly and easily it came together.

On , Nikki said: | snappyteeth.tumblr.com

I looooooove Jasmine and Ginger! Congratulations on your new book! I love what you do <3

On , Claudia said: | claudiaharper.wordpress.com

Lady Grey! I’m still working up the courage.

On , HelenH said:

I love the Jasmine blouse – simple, elegant and beautiful! The peony dress is also beautiful.

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