Get Out The Vote: Add A Button To Your Blog


You may have heard by now. Colette Patterns is a nominee in the Martha Stewart American Made awards, celebrating companies and goods crafted in the US.

In an attempt to make is clear just who has the power in this thing (YOU!) we made a button you can share on your own blogs. Let everyone know the hard work your doing by voting for us everyday!

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On , Rochelle New said: | luckylucille.com

Done and done!! I so hope Colette wins. You all deserve it! :)

On , Rachel said: | raywuwei.me

Thanks, Rochelle!

On , Donna said:

Am I the only one who thinks the division between “Craft” and “Design” seems random? Or is the category self-selected?

I see hand-made toys and bags in design, and yet there is furniture (hand made by a husband and wife team) and Colette in Craft. Which to me seem to be just as much “design” as the toys/papercraft/etc.

Maybe I just read through to quickly. There seem to be a lot of entries!

On , Rachel said: | raywuwei.me

Contestants categorize themselves. Some of them are definitely a bit odd, but what can ya do.

On , Dawn said: | scarletthreader.com

I breezed through all the other nominees and I just have to say that while all worthy contestants, Colette really deserves to win! You guys stand out like a star!

On , Rachel said: | raywuwei.me

Thanks, Dawn!

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