Introducing Colette Patterns Spring & Summer 2012

Please welcome the newest additions to the Colette Patterns lineup: Lily, Hazel, and Iris.

I’ve just posted about each of these lovely new patterns in a little more detail, so read on! Or, go straight to the shop to purchase. We’ll be shipping the printed patterns beginning 04/16, and as promised, we also have digital print-at-home patterns available.

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On , melissa said:

Is there a chance for the print-option to be done on large format so we don’t have to cut and tape? Really loving the spring releases, thank you!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

We haven’t worked that out yet, but I’m looking into how to make it happen.

On , melissa said:

cool, thank you!

On , maddie said: | madalynne.com

awesome, awesome, awesome. My favorite part of the Hazel are the pockets. If a dress has pockets, I’m sold :)

On , Krystle said:

Wow, beautiful patterns!!!

On , Sarah said: | rhinestonesandtelephones.blogspot.com

Yippee!! I love ALL OF THEM! Hazel is in my sewing queue :)

On , neemie said: | wearablemuslin.blogspot.com

just bought the hazel and lilly patterns. i love thie digital download option. instant gratification. not looking forward to taping them together tonight but at least i can get started making one of the dresses tomorrow :). thanks again for making beautiful patterns!

On , Ruth said:

I love the new patterns! Lily is my favorite overall, but I also have a border print already waiting in my stash that NEEDS to become a Hazel.

On , Amanda said: | symondezyn.wordpress.com

OMG I freaking LOVE these!! I love the Lily – the little pockets are so retro-adorable and flattering – I’m buying that and Iris RIGHT NOW :D

On , thetroubleis said:

*happy flail*

Umm, now that I’ve regained control of myself, can I just mention how much I appreciate that Colette hires models of color all the time?

On , lsaspacey said: | lifeisexamined.blogspot.com

I second that!

On , Chelsea said:

Can I third that! It’s so nice to see a real representation of the world we live in. Also, amazing patterns!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

I think you hit the nail on the head, Chelsea. Most people in this world don’t have white skin, but you wouldn’t know it looking at most ads, catalogs, magazines, etc. It’s so weird.

On , Christine said: | whatsupcupcakeblog.com

I LOVE them! Ordering all right now.

On , Amy said: | jumbojibbles.com

AARGH! I have had to cut apparel sewing out of my schedule (due to too many projects) but I want these so bad. How can I bribe someone into making them for me?

On , susan said:

I have a home based sewing shop and am happy to accept payments/bribes for my sewing services :)

On , Gwen said:

I’m slightly disappointed that neither of the dress patterns looks bra-friendly, but they are both lovely. The shorts are adorable! Are the side seams brought forward a bit? It’s hard to tell from the line drawings.

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

I wear mine with a demi bra, and it’s fine! I think it should work as long as it’s not a full coverage bra.

On the shorts, there is a front seam in addition to the side seam, which allows the in-seam pockets on the front.

On , Gwen said:

Good to know! Of course, I can always tweak the straps if necessary. And I can’t wait to get to work on those shorts!

On , Violet said:

Wonder if doing the professional’s trick of sewing in a little strap with snaps to hold the bra strap in place is doable to address straps problem, at least?

On , Katya said: | toastyknitsandsews.wordpress.com

Loving Iris and Lily and can’t wait to add them to the collection!

On , Stevey said:

Dear, dear, once I will have stopped drooling over these patterns I should get sewing! They are all so beautiful and that sure is the first shorts pattern too that is tempting me.

On , Penny said:

Just purchased my first Colette Pattern – Iris. I love the digital download with all sizes! Cannot wait to make the short for myself and dd.

On , Tiffany W said:

These are so awesome! Thank you for the digital download option. I am off to purchase the Iris and Hazel.

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On , Corinne said: | sewtopia.blogspot.com

Congratulations again for three beautiful and classic patterns. The amount of work required to produce these for a small company is significant. As usual, your patterns are a wonderful reflection of the best of good design. It is going to be a very pretty summer.

On , Lizz said: | agoodwardrobe.com

Does the date 4/16 apply to the downloads, as well? I just made a purchase but am unable to download (I get an error message when I get to the download page). I’m really looking forward to making these shorts!

On , Flo said:

Great ! Hazel has just the kind of bodice I was searching for a summer dress !

On , Amélie said: | touteenfouinesse.wordpress.com

These patterns are gorgeous!! I love Hazel and Iris sooooo much!!! Hope they are not too hard for a beginner??

On , Liz said:

If I want to buy the paper pattern, when will they be available at Bolt here in Portland? Must. Make. Hazel.

On , Dana said: | peppertreeroad.blogspot.com

Congratulations on your new line of patterns!!!! They are all beautiful, I am over the moon you included a shorts pattern with this release. Looking forward to many happy sewing (and wearing) hours ahead. Now if only I can talk my husband into a holiday, my travel wardrobe would be excellent…….

On , Alexandra Mason said: | alexandramason.blogspot.com

Wonderful patterns! I love the digital download option.

On , Amanda said: | bimbleandpimble.blogspot.com

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been after a pair of gorgeous summer shorts in just this style for ages! Am heading over Stateside soon (too exciting!) and now I can tourist nerd it up stylishly!

On , Gemini said: | lapetitechouette.wordpress.com

I love the new patterns! Can’t wait to try out the shorts. I really like the length. Will definitely be making the Hazel too!

On , Rebecca said:

These new patterns made my day! They are so lovely! Thank you!

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On , Jenni said: | mummydaughtertime.blogspot.com

I’ve only recently discovered Colette Patterns, they are so beautiful. My daughter will LOVE the shorts!

On , Lydia said:

Beautiful patterns, and full of so many fabric possibilities — I am thinking of borderie anglaise, or eyelet, or cotton lawn… wow.. so many fabrics, so little time!

I have to admit I am torn between Lilly and Hazel — I would not know which one to begin first!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Totally agree Lydia, and I’m going to do mine in the broderie I bought in Argentina! Also, just an FYI to everyone… Mood is having a sale on eyelets right now.

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On , Inna said: | thewallinna.blogspot.com

Very cute summer collection! The only regret about dresses is the lack of pattern variations. Would love to see those with sleeves or full skirt. Will play around though!

On , Anna | Mormor hade stil said: | mormorhadestil.se

They are all so lovely. Too bad I’m pregnant and wont have the chance to sew and wear them until next summer.

On , Juliette said: | cuisinecoutureandrocknroll.blogspot.fr

I love the new patterns, especially Lily and Iris! These are sure to go on my birthday wishlist!

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On , Ashley-refurl said: | refurl.blogspot.com

love them, especially the hazel!

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On , Alissa said:

Hi. i don’t know if my question is out of place but here goes.
I can’t sew without pattern pieces and I am not that good at making them.
Is there any where I can buy them? It’s hard to find them in this day and age.
I love sewing I hope that I can learn to sew most of my clothes but this problem has me at I stand still. I would love to have some kind of advice.
Thank you.

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