Introducing Laurel



02-laurel-stripe{version 3, shown in crinkled linen gauze}

04-white-window{version 1, shown in embroidered cotton eyelet}





08-orange-pocket{version 2, shown in plain weave silk}




12-blouse-2-up{version 4, shown in cotton voile}

All about Laurel

Ok everyone. Brew yourself up a nice cup of Darjeeling and get comfortable, because I have a lot to show you today.

A while back, we made the decision to release patterns one at a time and with more frequency. Once the decision was made, I started thinking: how can we make each pattern even more valuable and special?

I’d already been designing a classic shift dress, something extremely versatile in its simplicity. Here’s what I wanted for this pattern:

  • Uses almost any fabric: from stripes and plaid to huge florals and vintage novelty prints, this is the rare style that works with them all. Because it has so few seams and darts (particularly in front), your fabric is really allowed to sing.
  • Flattering: How to make a loose style work well on different body types? I fitted the bust with side bust darts, while back darts keep the dress from being overly swingy and give it a streamlined profile. Yes, the style is loose, but it won’t swallow you.
  • Quick and easy: The most basic version of this dress has three pattern pieces. It’s fast!
  • Stash-buster: Because you can use so many fabrics, because it doesn’t require a ton of yardage, and because it’s so easy to make, this is the ultimate stash busting dress (or blouse). I’ve been using it to go through my collection of gorgeous vintage fabrics I’ve never quite known what to do with!
  • Comfortable: One thing I’ve learned is that the best sewing projects are the ones you actually wear. Nothing beats a pretty shift for comfort, especially in the warmer months.

I was excited about all these cool features, and that I could fit in four different versions, including a blouse. But I still thought, this dress is screaming for even more variations! There’s so much you can do with it!

Extras: Over a dozen variations

And that’s why I decided to create a free bonus book to go with it, with 9 MORE details you can add.

The Extras booklet is a totally free download (you don’t even need to buy the pattern), and includes a Basics sections with full instructions on making and using bias tape, plus photo-illustrated instructions for creating any of the variations you see, and even a few extra small pattern pieces to help.

I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this booklet. I think it will really get the creative juices going.














Laurel contest and 15% off!

To celebrate this incredible launch, we’re offering a little discount now through the end of day Friday for 15% off your Laurel pattern!

Not only that, but tomorrow I’ll be announcing a great big sewing contest with thousands of dollars worth of prizes you can win with your own take on Laurel. Stay tuned for that!

Head on over to the shop and buy Laurel!

Model: Alex Hagel
Photographer: Jade Sheldon
2nd Photographer: Cory Burnsed
Video: Sarai Mitnick

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On , Paige @ LPD said: | luxperdiem.com


On , Jess said: | sometimessewist.wordpress.com

Love the bib detail!

On , Sarah said: | sewsleepy.blogspot.co.uk

Want!!! and so many versions will add to my skills at sewing – basic at the moment but already have so many ideas- love the red shoes too. Thank you

On , Alison Low said:

Wow — it’s a major part of anyone’s wardrobe!

On , Giusy said: | bubiknits.wordpress.com


On , Rachel said:

YES!!!!!!! I was looking through the Joe Fresh catalogue from J.C. Penny and the only thing I liked was this 3/4 sleeve shift dress. As soon as I saw it I thought ‘I could make that’, and started looking for a similar pattern. Search compete!!!!!

On , Carla said:

Totally rocked with this pattern!!!! Superduper congratulaions!!!!!

On , Aunt Consuela said:

Laurel, where have you been all my life?! This is the one we’ve all been waiting for:)

On , Burke said:

!!! Love this!!

On , Earin said: | everythingearin.blogspot.net

Delightful! I love the variations, the possibilities. And a free booklet too!

On , Kelly said:

Laurel is beautiful!

On , Paige @ LPD said: | luxperdiem.com

I just brought it, the digital download means I can start tonight! Technology for the win!

On , Betty Jordan Wester said: | nouvellegamine.com

Love it! It’s a very 60s silhouette, which definitely avoids the “tent” look. Thank you for adding the free e-book too. I suspect this summer will be filled with Laurels :D

And that model’s hair is making me cry. Absolutely gorgeous. She looks like she stepped out of a Botticelli.

On , Aunt Consuela said:

Yes, she is exquisite! And she’s wearing a pair of silver shoes that must be borrowed:)

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Those are my favorite clogs, by Sven!

On , Hanna said:

I love the versatility of this dress! Amazing job with the different variations to show us too! Thank you for the free bonus book to share with us too!

On , Alexandra Gerull said: | mamamachtsachen.de

Laurel ist lovely. I love her on the model, but due to the missing waist darts at the front I fear I will feel too tenty in it, having a large bust. Would it throw the design completely off if I added some?

On , noreen said:

I agree totally – what a beautiful dress on someone with a smaller bust. I’m an E/F, and I can only imagine all of the fabric that would be required once I do an FBA. Thinking seriously about what I could do to make it less tent-like before I decide to take the plunge…

On , Ines said:

I have a small bust too and I think this patter is very easy to work with. Maybe just adding a couple more small front darts for a little more fitting look. I have already decided to make a couple variations: the eyelet with a cap sleeve for a wedding and nights and a sleeveless variation for the beach in fresh chambray. And maybe a third one for everyday use. Then if I make another Clover I have my summer wardrobe sorted.

On , Rebecca said:

Super cute!!!!!!!!!!!

On , Diane @ Vintage Zest said: | vintagezest.blogspot.com

I love the variations! In fact, I’ll suggest this as my sewing group’s new pattern because it is so versatile!

On , Emme said:

I think I just found my easter dress!!!

On , Carla said:

Ohhhh THANK YOU Sarai!!! you did the bicep adjustment on the extra!!!! You are SIMPLY the BEST!!!!

On , Serena said:

I LOVE the sleeves! It’s funny, because I’m wondering if it would look ok on me, since I have a small bust and usually try to accentuate my waist, but I see someone with a large bust wondering if it would look good on her. :)

On , Sarah said: | duckeggthreads.blogspot.co.uk

LOVE IT!!!! I’ll be buying Laurel and the extra ebook is brilliant. Guess what I’ll be doing this evening…yep, online fabric shopping! Thank you

On , Mugsy said:

Well, THAT did it! I finally took the plunge and purchased my first Collette pattern! This Laurel pattern looks amazing!! The extras are very much appreciated, too – thank you for your generosity in making them free. Purchased the downloadable version, and it was so fast and easy to download and take a peek at.


On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Oh, I forgot to mention this! I’ll put it in a later post probably:

The downloadable pattern now allows you to print different versions. So, for example, if you want to make version 4 (the blouse variation), you don’t need to print all the dress pieces as well. There’s also a layout with all pattern pieces, in case you DO want to make all of them. So more choices, less paper waste. :)

On , MadeByMeg said: | megmadethis.blogspot.com

THANK YOU. I feel like downloadable patterns are still a somewhat new technology (especially for the Big 4) and no one thinks about the end user experience of wanting to print out only what you’re going to make that day – the pants or the shirt or the size B bra pattern pieces only. Careful thought into how a pattern prints will make people like downloadable patterns a whole lot more. (Another reason I love ‘indie’ pattern-makers – they always keep in mind what their customers want!)

On , Trang said:

I love that feature, thank you! Please also provide a downloadable version of your clover pants.

On , Mugsy said:

Great feature! Love the ability to print out either the dress or just the top pattern, depending on what I want to make up…
I agree, Colette (and other indie pattern makers / designers) rocks!

On , Theresa said: | manicpixiedreammom.com

Oh my, how amazing! Is this true of just the new digital patterns, or all of them to date? I have crepe and hazel in paper, but I prefer digital overall. What an amazing feature!

Also, when I saw it was a sheath, I was worried I would never be able to wear it. (Pear shape) I think I can though! I am going to give a shot (worst case scenario, I add a belt…)

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Right now, just this one. I plan to go back and update the older ones, but that will definitely take a while (and we also make it so that updates to digital patterns are available to anyone who purchased it in the past).

On , Theresa said: | manicpixiedreammom.com

You guys rock! Getting this one now… I have an Easter dress to make!

On , Sa said:

You are brilliant!

On , emily said:

hooray! I already bought it. This will be such fun.

On , firstmute said: | nomethodmethod.wordpress.com

Love this! I’m with Mugsy–this is going to be the first Colette pattern I purchase. Can’t wait to make it–and that model is just gorgeous. I love the video!

On , Rochelle New said: | luckylucille.com

Definitely a versatile dress!! Ideal for summer. I’m IN LOVE with the fabric shown in the sleeveless example. Is that vintage? Also, I was really looking forward to watching the video but for some reason it won’t play for me :(

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Hmm, what browser are you using, Rochelle? I’ll have Kenn take a look.

On , Paige @ LPD said: | luxperdiem.com

it wouldn’t play for me at first, probably just traffic.

On , Rochelle New said: | luckylucille.com

Google Chrome. Could just be my internet connection?

On , Amie said: | letsbeamie.wordpress.com

This is fantastic. Would you recommend it as a the first big person garment sewing project? I’ve only made baby dresses before this..

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

It would be excellent for that! There are only really three pattern pieces, plus bias tape. And even if you haven’t really done much with bias tape before, there are instructions for that in the ebooklet!

On , Stephanie said: | mabelmakes.com

Oh gosh! I love it! So excited to try this out :)

On , jen said: | thefabledneedle.com

Wonderful, LOVE! Yay, bonus booklet!

Is the 15% off a coupon code, or is it automatically taken off at checkout? Because I need to buy this right now! I’m in the middle of packing my house and I want to do something fun!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

It should be automatic! It’s taken off at checkout.

Kenn’s going to add something to the shop page to show this, sorry for the confusion. :)

On , jen said: | thefabledneedle.com

No problem, thank you! I bought it and am super excited about it!

On , Heidilea said:

Yay! Something perfect for that wee bit of Marimekko I have!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Oh my gosh, Marimekko would be PERFECT!

On , Joy N. said:

Ok, I caved…… its a shift dress pattern which I need and then you had the nerve to have an ebook with different ways to style it. I had made a resolution not to buy anymore patterns until I finished up some other projects I have going on. Oh well, spring summer is on it’s way – I’ll have a wardrobe of shifts and a-line skirts!!!!

On , Colleen said:

Love it! Love you!

On , Maggie said: | stitch-n-thyme.blogspot.com

I love this! This is a great addition to your already fabulous pattern line!

On , Karla said:

I love this, and I can’t wait to get sewing and dive into the bonus book…thanks for putting so much time and love into it, Sarai!

Do you think Laurel could be sewn up in relatively stable knit? That would be sooo comfy!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Like a double knit or something? I think that would be lovely! Depending on the knit, you may need to do the neckline a little differently, but that should be painless if you’re used to sewing them.

On , Sallie said: | sallieoh.blogspot.com

You guys nailed it again! I absolutely love the whole presentation of the new patterns. I would love a sleeveless version of this for our hot hot Texas summers!

On , Mady said: | thewardrobe-project.blogspot.gr

Another amazing pattern added to my to-sew list! I really love that you made your patterns available as PDF downloads as well! Makes everything so much quicker and easier,especially for those of us living far away from the U.S. Can I ask when Clover is going to be available as a PDF pattern?

On , Christine said:

Do you think this can be made longer? The dress on the model looks so short. I’m tall and like things a bit longer. And I want to make this!!

On , Joy N. said:

I think it would look great longer – just remember you may need to put some kind of vent or (make it a little wider at the bottom) if you like it longer than knee length. You want to be able to strut in your new dress!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Yes, that would be quite easy! The model is also a bit tall, so obviously it looks shorter on her than it otherwise might. But extending the skirt length is really simple.

On , Jenny said: | jennysews2.blogspot.com

Yes!! Ordering Friday with the Ginger :)


On , Thami said:

I love this!!! I recently purchased some lovely Liberty fabric on whim that I had no idea what to do with, so it would be perfect for this! Ordering now, thanks! :o)

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

It’s really perfect for those lovely but precious Liberty lawns. I have a shift in the Liberty peacock feather print and wear it ALL the time.

On , Tiffany Simmons said: | tiffanysnotionsandknits.blogspot.ca

Ooohhh…. I do have a stash that needs a bit of busting….

On , Nina said: | toftsnummulite.blogspot.co.uk

Wow, the extras booklet is a really generous touch – thank you! The lace placket option is so pretty and gives me an idea for using (at last!) some of the vintage lace and ribbons that I can never resist buying. [btw, the video also didn’t work for me to start with, but after reloading the page it was fine – Chrome, Windows 7.]

On , Lauren said: | lladybird.wordpress.com

It’s a gorgeous pattern – I can see this working in a million different ways (even for the different seasons, like long sleeves and sewn up in a cozy wool). Also, that model you picked is GORGEOUS and I’m totally hair-jealousing over here. Love that rose fabric you used for the version 4 – so springy and beautiful. Yay! I’m not much of a shift-dress wearer myself, but I’m going to keep an eye on this – I think I may end up being pleasantly surprised when different versions start popping up :)

On , Ally D said:

AHHH!! I would LOVE to make a white dress with contrast Nani Iro bias binding tape!!!!

On , Tasha said: | blog.bygumbygolly.com

Ooh, I’m particularly excited about the extras booklet, there are some great ideas in there! Those tiny ruffles are adorable. While this isn’t really a style I wear (though I could certainly do a shirt version, that one in the floral voile is luscious), I’m looking forward to seeing the varieties pop up all over!

On , Katy said:

Just ordered this, so excited! I’ve been looking at the lovely tunics they carry at Toast UK but thinking to myself “I’m sure it would be easy to make something similar.”

On , Michelle said: | tresbienensemble.com

This is GORGEOUS! I just had my first flirtation making a shift dress from a vintage pattern last month, and I was really pleased with how easy it was to wear and how flattering the fit was. I was nervous it wouldn’t suit my short and curvy frame, but it did! I’m definitely headed to buy Laurel. I love the lines in your design- very slimming- a nice update to the pattern I used previously.

On , Juliette said: | zuhauseingermany.blogspot.com

Ok, WOW. I think you just converted me!! I think I can do this. Like really think I can. And while I think the standard neckline is perhaps not so flattering for me (short neck, round face), I definitely see potential with the keyhole and bib necklines and could probably also wing it with a square or V-neck on my own. Definitely like how this could easily be a tunic length as well! Great versatile pattern!

On , Johanna@projects by me said: | projectsbyme.blogspot.se

Laurel looks like a great dress. And I just LOVE the sleeve length!!!! This is a great style for me (thick-waisted… :)), thanks for a great-looking pattern!

On , Dana said:

Ordered and downloaded the booklet! Thank you for taking so much time and providing such attention to detail!

On , Kate said:

I’ve been saving striped nani Ito for a shift dress with side pockets (any chance of an added tutorial for this?). Also hope there is guidance for those of us with bigger butts and narrow backs to avoid fabric far out from the body.

On , Jeri Sullivan said: | mymodernvintage.wordpress.com

Ditto the big butts smaller backs situation. Please give us an idea of how to make this work with super pear shapes!

On , janeray1940 said: | janeray1940.blogspot.com

Sarai, this is exactly the pattern I’ve been dreaming of! Just ordered it – as a near-beginner, seems like the perfect next-step for me. My first zipper, yikes! :)

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Be sure to take a look at our invisible zipper video, it might help!

On , Paulette said: | lollipop-couture.com

Love the pattern, very simple yet versatile! It can definitely work on many women of all shape and sizes. Not only that its great pattern for beginners, they won’t feel intimidated. The presentation was very lovely.

On , mjb said: | meagangracie.wordpress.com

How tall is this model? It looks really short on her! (Or how long is the dress shoulder-to-hem?)

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

I don’t remember the model’s height, but taller-than-average and wearing a small size. :) The size 8 is 33.25″ long in back (back of neck to hem). On me (5’5″), this hits a little longer than mid-thigh.

On , Emily said:

Any chance you could do a tutorial on extending the length please? I love the shape and style, but even though I’m 5’4″ it’s far too short for me! I would wear it as a tunic over leggings or jeans, but wouldn’t feel comfortable in a dress that short. Or do you think it would lose something if it was lengthened? And what evcerybody else said about the model’s hair, she is beautiful :)

On , dmh said:

Gorgeous pattern! I’ve already ordered it and downloaded the e-book. Love that little extra…thank you, Sarai. Being a tall and rectangular person, I think this pattern will work beautifully for me. Can’t wait till it arrives!

On , Victoria Miles said:

Going to get this as soon as soon as possible! Convincing my husband it’s an early birthday present. I tried to download the booklet but Safari on the iPad won’t do it. Grrr. Thank you for this pattern though. I have a feeling I will make one for every day of the week. Bring on the summer heat!

On , Helen Made said: | helenssewingadventures.blogspot.co.uk

Yes! What a great pattern – I love a good shift dress. Like you say, it’s just so versatile. Plus the added bonus book is fantastic! Thanks!

Laurel : le nouveau patron Colette - Couture Stuff

[…] Tous les détails sur le Blog Colette Patterns. […]

On , Sarah said: | rhinestonesandtelephones.blogspot.com

Holy Hannah Banana!!! What an utterly fabulous pattern!! I’ve already snapped up my version and the extras booklet? Amazing!!! You’ve done it again, Sarai! Fantastic :)

On , Nisse said: | whatsinatreehouse.blogspot.com

Wow, this is exactly the dress pattern that I was looking for!
Very flattering and so many variations possible.

It is exactly the kind of thing to make me feel brave enough to actually try my hand at dresses,
after all those skirts. Thank you!

On , Nothy said: | aftagley.blogspot.ca

Oh, I love it. Simple patterns are so elegant. I think that is what is lost today. I love the back darts – it will be so flattering. I bought my pattern and a digital copy of the Chantilly. Thank you for another great pattern!

On , Sarah said: | fabrictragic.blogspot.com.au

Beautiful pattern, and beautiful presentation! Congratulations on all the great feedback too!

On , knitmo said:

Just this weekend I was bemoaning the fact that my mom’s original skimmer dress pattern, that I’d used to make several dresses in high school, was destroyed in her house fire last summer. I had vowed I was going to find another sheath dress pattern to wear in bright colors for the summer. I’m so excited to see this be the newest pattern. So much simpler!

On , Debi said: | myhappysewingplace.com

Sarai–this is very exciting! Can’t wait to hear more about the contest and I just love the extra booklet!!

On , Lynn said:

Love the variations in the booklet – the chevron stripes are wonderful! Are those the Iris shorts in the last few pics paired with Version 4? Just bought Iris last weekend, and already tracing them out.

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Yup, that’s Iris in a very sturdy Carhartt fabric I found! When I bought it, the lady cutting it said that I could probably “ride a tractor in them for decades to come” or something. Ha!

On , Amanda said:

Did you buy that local in Portland then? I’d like to get a hold of something like that.

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Yes, Mill End!

On , kristonlion said: | fearsome5.wordpress.com

so awesome! my next tourist destination!

On , Kacie said: | thimbleandcork.com

I’ve wanted to find a versatile, simple piece like this for a while. And I can’t wait to try out some of those variations! LOVE it!

On , Katie said:

I’m not so sure about shift dresses but I love this pattern (and the extras)! Definitely going to make it after I’m done my two other projects!

On , Melissa said:

Thanks Sarai. <3

I knew there was a reason for saving that guipure lace, cashmere wool blend and stripy doubleknit
:) and those are only the versions I have thought of so far! So happy that the Laurel will reduce my stash significantly as well as make getting dressed for work extremely easy!

On , Deb said: | paperstaperscapers.wordpress.com

Love this! Have been looking for a shift pattern for ages. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks!!

On , Miss Alison said: | missalisonregrets.com

No surprise Sarai (and Kenn), but you’ve done it again! Congratulations, she’s gorgeous. Sydney is easing into cool Autumn mornings, so a three-quartered sleeve shift dress is just perfect. Sigh. I heart Indie Designers.

On , Sewfrench said: | sewfrench.com

I *love* a good shift dress and aim to make one every spring/summer. Maybe two this year?!!
Curious about the fit though, it looks pretty unfitted.

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

It’s a semi-loose fit through the front (which is what allows the uninterrupted pattern), but more fitted through the back.

You CAN add double-sided darts to the front if you want a more fitted look. This just wouldn’t be as compatible with the whole variety of prints (like stripes).

On , anto said: | stardustsoul.blogspot.com

Oh my goodnesss!!! this is gorgeous! It’s brilliant that you created the bonus book with so many great variations. I can’t wait to see all of the finished Laurels popping up online. I bet they are going to sew up some fantastic and super creative versions!

On , Kate Nakano said:

Bravo! You have outdone yourselves with the Laurel pattern! I cannot wait to order this on payday friday! WOOOOOO!

On , Amanda said: | blancapate.com

This pattern is so amazing, I can’t stop reading through the booklet and imagining all the variations I can make for summer. My head is spinning with possibilities!!

I honestly think this dress may be the reason I started sewing. I realize now that I didn’t know much about fashion before learning to sew. But since taking up the hobby, I’ve learned more about what type of shapes and design that are flattering on my body type – and this is certainly one of them!!

Thank you, Sarai, for all the hard work you put into this new pattern! I’m itching to get started, and can’t wait to hear more about the contest tomorrow!

xo ~ Amanda

On , Carla said:

Love Laurel! I’ve just made a shift dress which is great but it didn’t have a zip or darts at the back so I’m hoping this one will fit beautifully. Have just bought an invisible zipper foot and curved ruler online so I’m all set. Thank you for the amazing Extras booklet Sarai, very exciting!

On , Maddie said: | madalynne.com

I think you accomplished all of your goals and you should feel so proud of yourself. This is a beautiful pattern – from the design to the video and additional booklet. It really shows how passionate and dedicated you are to your craft. Congratulations and touché!

On , Lady ID said: | peppermintandpaisley.com

That bib detail is lovely. I might stop looking askance at eyelet lace if I had that shift. I really need to make some – I don’t think I own any. Hmm…

On , Fresa Handmade said: | fresahandmade.wordpress.com

This pattern is such a great example of how simplicity is so elegant and beautiful. I can’t wait to find a really special fabric to use with this pattern.

On , Carolyn said:

Sometimes the simpliest things are the most beautiful. This is well and truly evidence of that. I love all the variations you’ve come up with. And the name- it is possibly my favourite pattern name so far. Well done.

On , Sarah C. said:

Absolutely gorgeous! And all of the details & extras that you are sharing are just tremendous. What a gift you are to the design world!

Although not my usual style, I am definitely intrigued. I look forward to seeing the variations pop up, especially those that might lengthen it a bit. (At 5′ 8″, I am not that tall, but I fear that this hemline might be a bit too immodest when sitting down for me.)

Congratulations to you & your team on a such a beautiful piece!

On , katie said:

Great pattern – thank you!
Does the downloadable version have an option to be printed on a large format printer/plotter?

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Not at this time, but thank you for the request/reminder. I’ll look into adding that.

On , Kenzie said: | behance.net

You are my hero in the pattern/clothing industry.

On , Lydia said:

What a sweet pattern! I have some liberty lawn that has been waiting for this! I love all the possibilities that exist with this pattern, and am dreaming up variations — from lawn to silk… and especially eyelet!

PS — I have never purchased a pdf pattern, and I was wondering if it only prints out one size at a time, or all the sizes? I usually trace the patterns onto tracing paper and make adjustments, so a pdf pattern would be new for me.

Thank you for all the ideas in the book, and what I am sure has been much hard work to bring this all to fruition.

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

It prints multi-sized, with all sizes nested just like a regular printed pattern. That makes it easy to grade between sizes if you need to.

On , Carolyn said:

With version four – the top in the cotton voile – it looks like you underlined the bodice but not the sleeves (which look a bit see-through against the white background). It that correct? I’m asking because I have some print voile I’d love to use but it’s super thin and drapey.

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Yes, the fabric is sheer, so I did underline the bodice for that sample. The pattern instructions don’t have you do that, but it’s easy enough to add, especially if you just follow the underlining instructions from version 1.

On , Ginger said: | gingermakes.wordpress.com

Can’t wait to make this! I have the perfect large-scale plaid that I’ve been wanting to use for a while, but until now I haven’t seen a flattering pattern that won’t break up the print too much. Thanks for yet another beautiful pattern!

On , Bessie said: | etsy.com

Well done! You have certainly put so much thought into this pattern. This is why I love indie patterns. Can’t wait to try it!

On , kristonlion said: | fearsome5.wordpress.com

love x1000! can not wait to make a ton!

On , Iveta said: | wonderosa.net

For 9 Bonus I will say YES:)!

Colette Patternsi uus kleit Laurel | Kohustuslik tegevusvabadus

[…] Foto: Jade Sheldon […]

On , Sally said:

This pattern is so lovely, I bought it yesterday evening, I couldn’t wait more!!! It will be perfect to use a part of my stash and I love wearing simple and comfortable clothes, so thanks a lot for your great work!

On , Ines said:

So nice………. and I can do very well with the eyelet version.

On , Gina said: | hamiltonstentedcamp.co.za

Wow – what a gorgeous pattern launch, I couldn’t help myself buying it immediately. So wow again, my first Colette patterns.

The additional ideas are great, they’ve helped sprout some of my own…

On , francesca said:

Fabulous…. love it, and love the booklet.
Sarai – do you think this will work on a big bottom? I made an unshaped shift dress which is comfy but does SFA for my shape – I think the back darts will help but what is your opinion?

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

The back darts should help, though depending on your shape, you might want to play around with them a little bit. An easy adjustment would be to grade to a larger size at the hips/butt area, and widen the back darts.

On , Francesca said:

Thanks – I was hoping you’d say it would work as I adore it! That makes sense – I usually have to do it as I’m always a bigger size for the hips than the waist/bust.
The booklet is amazing – thanks so much – you’re a star:)

On , Kessem said: | dinosaurgirlfashion.blogspot.com

Such a beautiful pattern! I also love the booklet – what a great idea! I love that you’re always thinking about your customers. GREAT idea!
Question – how does one match the stripes at the side seams if there’s a side bust dart? I always have issues with that!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

I’d just match the stripes below the bust dart and not worry about the few inches above it, since the bottom portion of the seam will be much more visible.

On , Kessem said: | dinosaurgirlfashion.blogspot.com

Great idea! Thanks!

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On , Wendy said:

Thanks so much for designing this beautiful dress Sarai :-) I’m so excited about summer now. And the variations! The simplicity of the style is an invitation to be creative.

On , karen said:

Fantastic dress. And so versatile. Love that you’ve put together all of those options too, like the chevron insert.
Your shipping costs to the UK for the printed pattern are a bit high for me and I’ve not been able to buy the pattern from any UK stockists as they’re marked SOLD OUT. Any news on when they’ll be restocking??

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

I believe most of them are just waiting to get their first batch of stock, which shipped a week or two ago… so they should have it very soon! Many seem to have a mailing list you can get on to reserve the pattern or be notified, so I’d hop on that!

On , Francesca said:

sewbox.co.uk are very nice – if you email them they’ll reserve a pattern for you, they have brilliant customer service – a lot of sites write sold out instead of waiting for stock:)

On , Catherine said:

Purchased! I’m excited to start sewing up a few versions to wear late this summer after. I’m pregnant now and I think this is going to be the perfect dress to rock after delivery.

Now, can we talk about those red shoes?? I need them.

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

I know, I love those shoes… and I paid 5 bucks for them!

On , Susan said:

Love this style (and the red shoes) However, possessing a generous bust, short neck and round face, the high neckline is not very flattering on my body. – I’ll have to give some thought to altering it to a deeper round, or a V neck.

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

The cool thing is that, since it’s finished with binding rather than facing, it’s super easy to alter the neckline because you don’t have to alter the facing pieces as well.

On , Francesca said:

Wow! I just looked through the book – you are truly generous!

On , liz said:

Don’t suppose you’re looking to resell those silver shoes… ;). I’m local!

On , Lholy-chan said: | anomori.com

This is not my usual style but it looks so comfortable that I’m tempted. Could it be used as the basis for a maternity dress with some easy alterations (I guess I’d need to add more space for the belly, even though I’m still in the first half of my pregnancy)?
The variations booklet is a great idea!

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