New patterns are coming up!

Tons of you have been asking about the new patterns. It’s kind of amazing to see how excited so many of you are, seriously. I wanted to officially let you all know that the patterns are going to be launched on Tuesday, April 10th at 9AM PDT / Noon EDT. So stay tuned for it here!

I’m in love with the three new patterns we’re releasing, so it’s been really hard to keep tight lipped about them. On the other hand, surprises are fun too, right?

But I did want to fill you in a little bit, just to give you an idea of what to expect.

For this collection, we designed three garments specifically for the warmer months ahead. Because so many have asked for it, we’ve got a pair of shorts in there, along with two very cute, very flattering sundresses. You’ll have to wait and see exactly what they look like, but rest assured… there will be pockets. Oh yes. Plus border prints, clever stripes, fabric combo options, and more fun details.

There’s another special surprise with this collection. For the first time ever, we are going to have these three patterns available for purchase as digital patterns. This is something else many of you have asked for, and I know it will be especially helpful for our many customers who don’t live in North America. So I’m very excited about that. We’re hoping to make the other patterns available digitally in the coming months as well, but these three new additions will be first.

ETA: To clarify since some of you asked in the comments… they will be available in your choice of digital or printed format!

I hope you guys love them as much as I do. Again, I’ll be introducing everything on Tuesday at 9AM PDT!

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On , Caffy Bundy said: | bundana.blogspot.com

I am REALLY excited! Living in Ireland and having a dressmaking passion is problematic with decent supplies and shipping fees. So this is wonderful!

I can’t wait to see them :D

Caffy x

On , Elizabeth said:

Hooray! Can’t wait! I’m sitting in Australia waiting for your book to arrive… 18 May is the ETA!

On , Inna said: | thewallinna.blogspot.com

Huray! Another customer from Japan! The shipping fees of one pattern here are the exact price of 1 pattern. With the digital patterns available I will get 2 for the price of 1! Excited!

On , Paige P said: | mylife.luxperdiem.com

I also love the ease of digital patterns, but your physical patterns are so so so so nice. I’m torn.

On , Gemini said: | lapetitechouette.wordpress.com

Shorts!! Can’t wait to see the new patterns next week. I will continue to purchase paper patterns because I live in North America, but this is thrilling for international clients!

On , Novita said: | verypurpleperson.com

Digital patterns! I’m so excited!!!

On , LadyD said: | stitchintimeandspace.blogspot.co.uk

I have trouble with shipping fees here in UK as well so digital patterns would be very handy.

On , Salma said: | beautifullysewn.com

Oh I’m so excited for digital patterns!

On , Dorien said:

Eek! I can’t wait!

On , Yasemin said:

Very excited about the digital patterns! With a lot of time and money for shipping I would always go for paper patterns, but digital patterns are way more handy from my perspective. Can’t wait to see the new cuts! Thanks from Germany, Y

On , Kathleen said: | verbeelding.org

Aaah! So excited! Especially about the digital patterns.

On , Lisette said: | vintageorbust.blogspot.com

Ooh, I can’t wait!

On , Rhonda said: | etsy.com

Tuesday seems so far away….. Can’t wait!

On , Evie said: | pendlestitches.wordpress.com

Excellent news. New patterns and downloads. How did we ever manage without downloadable patterns. Can’t wait to see them.

On , Lillebrit said:

Soooo excited! Your patterns are wonderful and I cannot wait for the new ones!
After years of not sewing at all your book and tutorials gave me the confidence to make garments. “Peony” number 2 is under the presser foot now!

On , Gail said: | gksagenda.blogspot.com


On , Beklet said: | rantygobshyte.wordpress.com

Oooh…POCKETS!!!! Awesome! I love physical patterns, will they also be available in that format, or will I have to go digital?

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

We’ll still have the printed version, don’t worry!

On , Ginger said: | gingermakes.wordpress.com

Hooray! I can’t wait to see them (and perfect timing– I’ve given up buying anything sewing-related for Lent, so I’ll be free to buy them all… heeheeheee)!!!!!

On , K-Line said: | line4line.blogspot.com

Will the patterns be available digitally AND old style (pre-printed in envelopes you can have mailed to you)?

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Yep, it’s your choice of either format.

On , Marie said: | asewingodyssey.blogspot.com

How exciting, I cannot wait to see them! And it’s so cool that they will be offered as printables too…means us UK folk can get our grubby hands on them faster ;o)

On , Stephanie said: | makesthethings.com

Yay! I’m so excited to see them. I love digital downloads for smaller projects (like shorts!) and paper patterns for dresses.

On , colleen said:

I cannot wait to see them!

Does anybody have some really good instructions on how to get the best of a digital pattern?

On , liza jane said: | lizajanesews.blogspot.com

Stripes! Yay! Exciting stuff.

On , Lauren said: | lladybird.wordpress.com

AHHHH so excited!! :D

On , Wanett said: | sownbrooklyn.com

Yay!! I have that exact Nani Iro fabric, too! Excited!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Oh my gosh, I LOVE that fabric. I need more Nani Iro in my life.

On , Wanett said: | sownbrooklyn.com

It was VIP fabric week at the Sew Weekly and I couldn’t bring myself to cut it. Maybe for one of your new patterns!

On , Jeanine said:

Tuesday seems so far off….can’t wait to see the summery patterns! I live in Texas, and most of my sewing is summer wear!

On , Sarah said: | rhinestonesandtelephones.blogspot.com

Whee!!! You might as well sign me up for one of each, Sarai! LOL! Cannot wait!

On , Margie said:


On , Rochelle New said: | luckylucille.com

I spy Nani Iro Fuwari double gauze!! That makes me double excited since I’ve been dying to find a project as an excuse to use that fabric. YESSSSSSS!

On , lakaribane said: | fashionmate.blogspot.com

I saw a tweet on someone’s blog just last night about this, can’t remember whom it was but got excited just reading that! Will there be a sew-along (and coupon!), too? I do hope you have the other patterns available digitally soon. Your packaging is gorgeous but shipping is a bit of a hassle for me so I’m glad for this news.

On , Amanda said: | symondezyn.wordpress.com

SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!! :)

On , CuriousRaven said:

ack! I’m excited and anxious for my wallet all at the same time! I’ve been obsessed with summer dresses right now so this is perfect timing.

On , Susan said:

But will there be sleeves?? I love your patterns but want a sleeve on my dresses unless the UK summer is exceptionally warm.

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

There aren’t sleeves on these two patterns, but both look lovely with a light summer cardigan.

On , Melissa said: | craftrambler.blogspot.com

Yay!!! I can’t wait – the close-ups look beautiful!

On , Natalie said:

Yay! I’m pretty new to making own clothes but your easy to follow patterns have definately given me the bug! I’ve been looking for a shorts pattern but will hold out for yours as I know they’ll be easier to follow. I even managed the macaron in tartan and matched it perfectly (I’d never attempt an intermediate pattern from anywhere else but I knew ypurs would be straightforward, which it was so thanks!) . Roll on next week! X

On , Thimbledore said: | thimbledore.tumblr.com

YAY! I bought some fabric the other day intending to make capris, only to find there wasn’t enough on the bolt. I bought all of it anyway, hoping to find a good shorts pattern. A Colette shorts pattern would be so perfectly timed right now, since I end up admiring everything you make. :D

On , Holly said:

I’m SERIOUSLY excited about this. I am in full “I want to make sundresses!” mood! Can’t wait. Totally excited. :) After making a few of the projects in the handbook, I really love how easy it is to tailor the Collette patterns to my body shape. Cute dresses here I come! Yey!

On , Tracey Wirth said: | swellsewing.wordpress.com

Oh Boy!!! So exciting! Can’t wait to add them to my summer wardrobe!

On , Leah said: | strugglesewasastraightseam.wordpress.com

Oh, Sarai, how you tease us! I want the patterns NOW! And of course I still have 10 projects waiting on my project cue but I don’t CARE….

On , Cherie said:

Yipee! Can’t wait! I am super excited about the sundresses. I need sundresses!

Thank you.

On , Tina said: | knittingcontessa.com

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! New patterns & digital ones to boot! On my birthday eve no less! Can’t wait I’m in the mood to run my sewing machine to pieces!

On , Jane said: | whatjanemade.com

I can’t wait! Tuesday is too far away man

On , Juli said: | sweetlittlechickadee.com

Yay!!! I’m SO excited! Especially can’t wait to see the new shorts pattern! :-D

On , Christine said: | whatsupcupcakeblog.com

You’re such a tease! Those pictures are torture!! I cannot wait!!!!!! I’m so excited to see what’s in store for your new collection!

On , Foster said: | fosterreviewsit.blogspot.com

These photos are beautiful…..What a tease they are!

On , Latrice said: | sewtell.wordpress.com

I am not supposed to buy new patterns. What is a girl to do.

On the other hand, how exciting!!!

On , Crystal said:

Love the teaser and hints. Such pretty colors and prints.

On , Lauren said: | booksfashionandtea.blogspot.com

How exciting! I can’t wait:-)

On , emily rose said: | takofibers.com

YAAAY! I can’t wait! At least I have time and a real purpose to clean up my sewing room now!

On , artgrrrl said:

The next five days will seem like an absolute eternity!! I have found with some digital pattern downloads, that they require borderless printing, which I don’t have, so I never get to actually use them, since there are always missing bits not printed at the margins. Will the new patterns work for those of us who don’t have borderless printing capabilities?

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Are you able to print the free patterns we offer (such as Sorbetto)?

The downloads have built-in margins, so you should be able to print them. Let me know if you have trouble with Sorbetto, though… I haven’t heard of many people having issues.

On , artgrrrl said:

It’s been so long since I printed the Sorbetto, (and I always work from copies that I’ve then traced onto tracing paper) that I can’t remember, but if there were margins then I must have put the sheets together without any problems. Yay, I’m super happy that I’ll be able to print the new patterns out, because you’ve made them user friendly for those of us with less capable printers!!

The real bonus is not having to deal with my local Chicago USPS, which is the worst in the country. Less than an hour printing and taping sheets together versus an afternoon at the seventh circle of hell demanding my mail, you’ve made my day (for at least the next six months!)

On , Rachel W. said: | darling-autodidact.blogspot.com

Y’all must have read my mind: shorts and sundresses are exactly what I want to sew right now! My birthday is coming up, so I’m like an excited little kid, plotting out what treat I’ll buy myself, and you can BET a new Colette Pattern is on that list!

On , Christine said: | christinehaynes.com

Yay! I like what I’m seeing there with the stripes! Can’t wait to see the new patterns! Go Sarai go!

On , Christina said: | fernfrisbie.blogspot.com

Oh I can’t wait! I have officially added this to my Google Calendar.

On , Gwen said:

I’m so excited! I’ve been looking forward to trying my first pair of shorts, and I can’t wait to see the design you’ve come up with.

On , Jessica said: | americangirldreaming.blogspot.com

What types of fabric did you use? They are all gorgeous!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Thanks! I’ll include that info on Tuesday, when you can see them better. :)

On , Lisa S. said:

It’s SO very hard to be patient!!

On , Amy Grace said:

Wow – I can’t wait to see and be inspired!

On , nothy lane said: | aftagley.blogspot.com

Oh wonderful! I can’t wait until Tuesday. I am definitely buying the digital ones! I love dresses with pockets and I just bought some great silk that I may be able to use for one of your new patterns. Congratulations Sarai!

On , Jane said:

I am curious… when patterns are available online… how do you print them out on a computer printer… when paper size is limited?

I am new to your blog and loving it every day… Another question: (pardon me if you have covered this in the past I have a long way to go to get caught up to speed) do you ever so plus size patters? It is so hard to find cute patterns and ideas in the upper sized and we want to be cute to~

Thanks~ Jane in Oregon

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Jane, the patterns are tiled onto sheets of paper, and once you print them, you need to tape them together. Check out our free Sorbetto pattern for example.

We don’t have any plus sizes (over size 18) yet, but it’s something I’d love to work on. It will take more research on my part.

On , Jane said:

Wow! That is slick! Thanks~

On , Amélie said: | touteenfouinesse.wordpress.com

Can’t wait to see them!! I’m so happy you made them as digital patterns!!

On , Amanda D. said: | imsewinintherain.wordpress.com

Shorts! And here I said I wasn’t going to buy patterns this year until I really got sewing again. Leave it to Colette Patterns to tempt me :)

On , Dana said: | peppertreeroad.blogspot.com

Oh my goodness!!!!!! Am in love with the idea of a shorts pattern, I was totally in love with the 2 pairs you made for your holiday recently so if the pattern is even close to those it is as good as sold. Also loving the digital option as someone mentioned earlier it means I can buy two patterns instead of one thanks to no shipping. Love, Love, Love x

On , Katie said:

Now I can’t wait until these come out! I’m very excited!

On , Raquel said:

Digital patterns!!! Great!!! Brazil is waiting for them!!!

On , Kaitui_kiwi said: | thecuriouskiwi.wordpress.com

That’s awesome news about the digital format! I’ve bought three of your patterns but I find shipping so expensive, I’m looking forward to buying the rest if my wish list (which is pretty much the rest of the collection!) digitally. Yay! xx

On , Carolyn said:

Brilliant! They look wonderful! I’ve been waiting and wondering about the new releases. I’m glad to have the option of digital – being here in Sydney. Last time I bought from you I waited awhile (1 1/2 years) and bought quite a few in one parcel to save on shipping- but now I’ll be able to buy (guilt free!) as soon as they come out– without worrying if I need to ship more 6months later.

On , Umbareen said:

Ridiculously excited! Will all the patterns be in a digital format or just the new collection?

On , Charlotte said: | charlotteauzou.wordpress.com

I find the striped dress intriguing… I’m looking forward to discôver this new pattern.

On , Mariana said: | needlethroughcolors.blogspot.com

Sooo cool! Can hardly wait to see them in digital format! I ordered the book twice from Amazon and each time they said it can’t be delivered. I hope all your patterns will now be available in digital format.

On , Schildi said: | schildiswelt.blogspot.de

Great! I´m looking forward to the new designs! I love all your designs! And the idea is super that all patterns will be available in digital format. The delivery tooks over two weeks to Germany in general. I´m happy to hear this news. Hope Tuesday will come soon!


On , Rachel said: | pinsandneedlesnyc.com

Cannot wait to see them!!! So exciting.

On , Alessa said: | farben-freude.blogspot.com

Ooooh, how fun! I can’t wait for Tuesday! :)

On , Vanessa Traylor said: | designsbysessa.com

Woot!!! Love your patterns! Can’t wait to try them!!!

On , Hip hip hooray said: | 12ozbeehouse.com

I cannot wait until I can get your patterns digitally. Digital patterns have become a life saver for me! Seeing as a lot of times I need to cut a size bigger top then skirts!!! Hurry!

On , meredith said: | fairytalestelltales.blogspot.com

Shorts, huzzah! I’m telling myself I don’t need any summer dress patterns, because seriously… I don’t. But something tells me I’m going to want at least one of these anyway! (It’s basically impossible to resist new Colette patterns, sigh.)

On , Meg said: | megthegrand.blogspot.com

I cannot even begin to express how excited I am! My heart started pounding at the idea of new patterns – which confirms my suspicions that I am 100% addicted to sewing :) I’m very excited about the shorts!

On , Jessica said:

24 more hours and we’ll get to see the new goodies! So excited!!!

On , Joelle said:

Oh! i cannot tell you how excited i am about pdf patterns!!! i’ve always wanter my colette patterns, but the shipping price made things quite expensive… great news, i cannot wait to see the designs!

On , Karen Cowan said: | stitchcritter

The sooner the better!

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