Seeking future pattern testers!

ginger rogers

My dear readers, I’m starting a mailing list for those of you who would be interested in testing patterns for us in the future.

There’s no commitment involved to sign up, it’s just a way for me to contact you. When there are new patterns that I need tested, I’ll send a note out to the list to find volunteers.

How testing works is this: When you volunteer for a pattern, I’ll send you a pattern before it’s released, along with complete illustrated instructions. They’re not in a cute booklet format, but they’re complete. You sew up the design in a certain time frame, and fill out some questionnaires about the experience and any problems you encountered, things you liked, or general thoughts.

Update: Wow, thank you to everyone who signed up! We have tons of people on the list now, so I’m going to close sign ups for now. I will post to the blog if/when I’m looking for more. Thank you all for your enthusiasm!

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On , Stephanie said: | thenakedseamstress.blogspot.com

Oh! I’d love to be a pattern tester! Looking forward to the new line…

On , Becky Joiner said: | beckybluej.blogspot.com

Oh Man! I would die to be a tester! I am obsessed with your patterns…
Love Love Love!

On , Gertie said: | blogforbettersewing.com

Since I was lucky enough to be a tester last time, I should probably step back and let some other girls have a chance . . . But just in case, I added my name here anyway. :)

On , PatternJunkie said: | patternjunkie.typepad.com

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

On , Joanna Schuth said: | searchingandstumbling.blogspot.com

OH YES MA’AM. I’m a beginner (doing my first dress muslin right now) but I’d blog the H*LL out of the process and the finished result.

On , Donna said: | snowrouteranch.blogspot.com

I would love to do this. It would, perhaps, take me out of my comfort zone as far as style is concerned. Thanks for the offer.

On , Wendy said: | wendymoondesigns.blogspot.com

This would be so much fun!

On , Carina said: | experimentsinasmallkitchen.blogger.com

Hey Sarai – would love to be a pattern tester, but I don’t know if shipping to the UK is too much of a hassle! Just ordered your Blouse pattern from RayStitch, really looking forward to having a go – all thanks to Gertie, inspiring me to get moving and get on with it – thanks!

@carina_ x

On , Lauren D said: | ritualbath.etsy.com

Oh sounds great! An occasional bump to my inspiration.

On , Claire said:

Love to be a tester, Is it open to international (Australian) sewers?

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Non-North American folks, please feel free to sign up. There may be times when I specifically ask for North American testers (usually because of time constraints), but there will be other times it should be open to everyone. :)

On , Reilly said: | cicispeaks.blogspot.com

Great!! I love your patterns and have heard enough praise to know that this is something I’d love to do. :)

On , paula said:

I would love, love, love to be a pattern tester for you!!!

On , Enken said: | whipstitchsewing.wordpress.com

Another Australian ‘yes’! I’d love to.

On , Amanda said: | thejoyofhoping.blogspot.com

Oh!! That sounds lovely! That is so very generous of you!! I would LOVE to be a tester!!

On , Sayra said:

I just recently stumbled upon your website and the blog and your patterns are just DARLING! I’m very tempted to purchase your Chantilly pattern to try and make myself a bridesmaid dress in fall.

I signed up for the chance to maybe be a pattern tester. I am really into theater, specifically the costume design and construction, so I love any chance to try new and adorable patterns.

On , Lindsey M Nelson said: | lmncouturier.blogspot.com

What a fun opportunity! And I looooove that picture! :)

On , Rachel said:

So excited!!!!! I can’t wait!!! I love your patterns!!

I chose between beginner and intermediate but maybe should have chose intermediate because I used to sew a lot more I’m just out of practice!! Wish I could change my entry!!

On , Alishes said:

Oh, sign me up! I love any excuse to try something new!

I’d have to be on your international list as I’m from Australia.

Love your stuff, keep it up.

On , Dorcas said:

Another UK subscriber here! I’ve signed up too, I love your patterns and I hope to test/buy from you soon!

On , Clare said:

yet another UK subsriber! would love to test your patterns.

On , Sara said:

I’m in France and I’ve been very curious about your patterns. I’d love to try one out!

On , Caitlin said: | thestorygirl.kendale-drive.net

Just signed up! :)

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Thanks everyone who has already signed up! I’m going to leave this open unless the list gets really huge, and will post an update if I decide the pool is big enough. So keep ’em coming!

On , amelie said:

A dream come true : i’d love to test one of your new patterns someday!

On , Jana said:

Oh, I would love to be a tester. I absolutely adore your patterns. :)

On , Vanessa said: | thevelvetbird.blogspot.com

Well you are a pattern genius, so anyone would be incredibly lucky to be a tester!

On , Michelle said:

Thanks for posting this–I don’t follow the blog every day and missed the last pattern testing opportunity. I made the Parfait last fall and loved it and will soon be ordering EVERY pattern from the new line–I can’t wait to see what else you’re working on!

On , Kathy said: | thegarbologistswife.com

Excellent idea to invite testers. I’d be tickled to test your new patterns.

On , Trisha said: | madebytrisha.blogspot.com

I LOVE your patterns! I’ve been oohing and ahhing over your designs at blogs like Gertie’s New Blog of Better Sewing and Casey’s Elegant Musings. Testing one of your patterns would be a dream come true– and so fun to blog about!

On , Nevorik said:

What an interesting offer! Who can decline it? Of course I am in! I am following this blog from France with great admiration!

On , Kathleen said: | verbeelding.org

I’d love to be a tester. Let me know when you need some non North American but European shoutouts. I’m totally up for it!

On , karolina said: | laguepiere.blogspot.com

I thought it would be interesting to test a pattern i never tested before. I’m a tailor so i mostly construct the patterns myself and don’t buy patterns frequently, except some vintage ones from vogue or original vintage patterns.

i’d love to be part in this!

greets from austria
karo :)

On , Liska said: | modernradiotimes.blogspot.com

This would be awesome! What a learning experience!

On , Kristen said: | krstndiane.blogspot.com

Hey there! I wasn’t sure how else to leave you a note so… the comment section it is! I would LOVE to be a tester. My body difficulty is that I would fit into a set size category if I didn’t have G cups. I’m just learning to alter patterns for this (by the long way of learning to draft first…) so, although I posted beginning to intermediate… I’ve done super advanced stuff but I’d still put myself in the early stages of sewing for myself. I LOVE the dress you had Gertie sew! I’ve considered getting it, but money is a prohibiting factor right now… Excited to see what else your line brings out!!

On , Monica said: | genpairesoeur.blogspot.com

Just happened upon your site through Figgy’s your style is fabulous!
Would just love to try/test one of your patterns! : )

On , Elle said: | elledechene.blogspot.com

I too would love to be a tester, both petite curvy me and my taller, elegant daughter up. You’re probably building up quite a library of types to work with!

On , Jan said:

OK at 54 I don’t think I’m your target market but I have an 18 year old daughter who would totally rock your designs. Lovely hourglass toned figure (competitive swimmer). She’s looked at them your designs and likes most of them. She was just commenting on how she needs to start wearing more dresses…

On , melissa said:

Would absolutely LOVE to be part of this. Just finished sewing Macaron! xo

On , Karen said: | sewingbytheseatofmypants.blogspot.com

I would love to be a pattern tester! I just got my first two patterns – Oolong and Sencha – and will be posting of my love for them shortly.

On , Mary said:

It seems that I am too late to sign up, but I hope that at some point I can be a pattern tester! Sounds like a lot of fun :)

On , Linda said:

I would love to be a pattern tester for you! I am in the San Francisco area.

On , Rachel said: | fourwisemonkeys.blogspot.com

Hi Sarai, I would love to be a tester for your patterns, if you are looking for someone in Australia!

On , Monique said: | peacockchic.wordpress.com

Hi Sarai, I love your patterns and would love to be tester. I have also tested other patterns in the past so i am familiar with the process.


On , G said: | lin3arossa.wordpress.com

Guess I’m too late :( Although I think I have the necessary curves and I KNOW I have the necessary will…

On , Lavender said: | driedlavenderpillow.com

I would love to test patterns! I see that you have as many testers as you need, but it that changes, let me know. I have 35 years of sewing experience and am very detail oriented. Please put me on your list of future testers.

On , Heat said: | agentlestrength.com

(sigh) It looks as though I am to late for the party again. But if you have any future openings for pattern testers, please put me on the list. I have many years of experience and can send you samples/photos of my work.
Thank you

On , Patricia Cone said: | plcsewing.blogspot.com

I know you posted this a while ago but, n case you are in need. I am a size two and would love to test any pattern for you. I live in Southern California and have been sewing for about 2 years.

I am not a pro by any means but I am a perfectionist. I love sewing and want to do it right.


On , kimannette davis said:

would love to be a tester. Just retires from nursing, getting back to sewing full time.

On , Hemp Love said: | hemplovers.com

Please sign me up too!

On , Sarah said:

It you are still looking for testers. I would be interested. I have many years in costumes and quilting.

On , Hemp Love said: | hemplovers.com

I am interested in pattern testing too. I have 30 years sewing experience with clothing, vintage patterns and costuming.

On , Shelby Hrcek said:

If you are still looking for pattern testers, I am interested. I love all types of sewing!


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