UK readers: Free patterns and book when you subscribe to Sew magazine!

For those in the UK, I just wanted to let you know about this great deal we’ve got going with Sew Magazine right now.

When you subscribe to Sew, they’ll send you a copy of The Colette Sewing Handbook plus two free Colette Patterns! It’s a pretty cool deal, because you also get the magazine which regularly comes with free patterns as well. .

Click here to see details and subscribe. Enjoy!

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On , Hanna said:

Òhhh, I’m considering moving to the UK from Australia JUST so I can get this deal!

On , Kristy said: | facebook.com

Haha! I’d most probably be on the same fight :D
I got really excited for a moment there. UK Subscribers, you lucky people ;)

On , Inna said: | thewallinna.blogspot.com


On , kaitui_kiwi said: | thecuriouskiwi.wordpress.com

Bummer, I missed the bit about it being only for UK subscribers, I had my credit card ready too :(

On , Lesley Rice said:

I am in the UK but I’ve just bought your fabulous book. Darn it!

On , Rachel said:

Me too…my copy of the book literally arrived just last week, oops!

On , colleen said:

Actually, I have the book but I wouldn’t mind having another to make gifts for smaller (or larger) people — why not? Or, you could give it as a gift!

On , Lindsay said:

Fab offer – if only I didn’t already have the book!

On , Liz said: | easystitcher.blogspot.co.uk

Already have your book however think that the magazine might be useful and the book I will give to my best friend.

On , Sara said:

Slightly off topic, but I really like your salad idea. I find that it is far easier to add healthy food to your diet than to make some foods “forbidden”. When I worked at a health food store and people would tell me they would like something to give them more energy, I would recommend exercise and a daily salad or greens supplement.

My good habit for this month will be “no sewing or television unless I have all the groceries that I need for the next day”. I hate coming home after work and realizing I don’t have what I need to make dinner and I have to go out again.

On , Nancy Winningham said: | encue.blogspot.com

I love my Collete Sewing Handbook! What a great deal!! (Thank goodness I already have mine or I might start job hunting in the UK!)

On , Sewing Princess said: | bombardone.com

Well done on the deal! I have both book and patterns already. I can confirm the magazine is really nice. I reviewed it some time ago

On , Jessica said:

I signed up to this thanks. It’s an amazing bargain. I was tempted to buy a second copy of the book anyway so I had different size patterns. I was really looking forward to making the Ceylon dress when I had a bit more experience too so this ticks all my boxes!

On , rbjaneite said:

I couldn’t resist! I’m really looking forward to getting your book and the patterns – I’ve been hankering after the Chantilly dress for a while – so this is a lovely treat! Thanks for flagging it up.

On , Cassie said:

Haven’t heard of this magazine in the U.S. Is it available for purchase (like Burda) anywhere or can a subscription be purchased?

On , heather bassett said:

Hi.I am trying to subscibe but the Colette book etc is not coming up the cutter is?

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