Bloomers parade!

I’ve seen so many fantastic renditions of the Madeleine mini bloomers in the last week already. I just had to share these with you all.

Monica of the blog Gen Paire Soeur made these for her nieces’ birthdays. I love the navy ribbon and wonderful little tags. What a great gift.

I first saw these cuties from minnitheminks on Burdastyle and just loved the little waistline detail she added.

How about these from Brittney? Amazing, non? I love the fabric she used, it’s Anna Maria Horner‘s Little Folks Voile.

These are so lovely, don’t they bring to mind chocolate and cream? What a great color combination. They were made by the lovely Natasha.

If you decide to sew your own Madeleine mini bloomers, I’d love to see what you do! I’ve been thinking they might be a good way to try out some custom designed fabric from a place like Spoonflower.

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On , M said: | thelazymilliner.blogspot.com

Can you set up a Flickr group for all these lovely bloomers?

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

We have one for Colette Patterns! http://www.flickr.com/groups/colettepatterns/pool/

On , Zoe said: | sozowhatdoyouknow.blogspot.com

These are soooooo beautiful! Can’t wait to try it out myself after I’ve completed my current projects. So nice to see the different variations

On , Yellie said:

These are so cute! Love the chocolate bloomies!

On , Leigh said:

I’ve just ordered some fabric from Spoonflower to make my nieces each a pair as Easter presents. The 9 year old gets black peacock feathers on a navy background and the 7 year old gets red burning matches forming hearts on a pink background. (Their 4 year old brother’s getting normal shorts with robots.) I’m really looking forward to making them.

On , Melynda said: | melyndahuskey.wordpress.com

These are so perfect! My 15 year old daughter loves to dress up in Loligoth dresses, and she’s been wanting some bloomers that wouldn’t bunch up around the waist and ruin the line of the skirt. These are ideal–and I think they’ll make an excellent sewing project for her (while I’m making the dresses, she can make the undies!)

On , Yael said:

Absolutely gorgeous! Anyone know of a pattern available for them?

On , Yael said:

Nevermind – just found it!!

On , Lavender said: | driedlavenderpillow.com

These little bloomers are just adorable. I love the chocolate ones, I think these would be beautiful in silk.

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On , gardenpea said:

I loved the simplicity of this pattern. It was very easy to follow and the bloomers turned out amazing. Thank you so much again for sharing this for free !

On , Dawn said:

Can you suggest or create a pattern for a cute sleep top to match the style of these? Maybe something that would also use a touch of ribbon? They are so cute! Thank you for the free pattern!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Check out version 2 of our cinnamon pattern! You could easily replace the spaghetti straps with ribbon to match your bloomers.


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