Featured Seamstress: Christine

Name: Christine

Skill Level: Intermediate

Pattern: Parfait

Her Blog: Oh Mimmi

Her post about the pattern: Me Made May – Tag 10

What kind of fabric did you use? A groovy garden blue by Alice Kennedy

How did you decide to reflect your personal style in the pattern? Usually I don’t wear such “wild” prints on my dresses, but I was so in the mood for flowers and so hungry for summer that I decided to use this colourful fabric.

What thoughts do you have about the project? It was such a lot of fun to sew the Parfait. I had to adjust the top of the dress from an C-cup to an A-cup (like in every Colette Pattern), but it was no problem at all. First I didn’t know if Parfait also fits a person with a “uncurvy” body like mine, but I saw so many beautiful different versions in the Colette Flickr group that I decided to buy this pattern and have a try. I think I will wear this dress very often this summer (if the weather in Germany will allow it).

Thanks, Christine!

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On , Ida said:

Great thing to meet you and your woderfull parfait here!

On , Kat said: | coutureacademic.wordpress.com

I love how you added piping to define the seam lines…very important for a bold pattern.

On , charlottepb said: | charlottesewfarsewgood.blogspot.com

I love it! So colourful.

On , Jennifer said: | jnfr.co.uk

Wow I love it! The piping really does seem to make it

On , Jess said: | aestheticfauna.blogspot.com

Gorgeous work! I love that red piping, and the print complements your skin tone perfectly. xxx, j

On , Tracey Wirth said: | swellsewing.wordpress.com

Christine! This dress in the print you chose is so, so, so adorable! It’s way cuter than
cute- if that makes any sense?! Nice interview, I really
enjoyed it! Congrats!

On , Lara said: | motivationisoverrated.com

Lovely! I can’t wait to start this pattern :)

On , Sassy T said: | sassytsews.blogspot.com

It looks so pretty and it suits you so much.

On , Carolyne said:

Just *Beautiful*.

On , Miss Crayola Creepy said: | misscrayolacreepy.blogspot.com

Love her look!

On , Alice Elliot said:

That came out really well! Looks great on you.
Now I understand why I had poor luck making a Colette pattern. I did a full bust adjustment when I didn’t need to! So I’ll try one again knowing that I don’t have to make changes. Whoopee!

On , Amanda said: | symondezyn.wordpress.com

Really pretty version of Parfait! Love the details & the fit is perfect :)

On , francesca said:

This is gorgeous. I never thought of making this in a print because of its lines but the way you piped it means the shape shows – very clever!

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