Featured Seamstress: Tilly

Name: Tilly

Skill Level: Intermediate

Pattern: Ceylon

Blog: Tilly and the Buttons

Her post about the dress: Jasmine Green Tea Dress

What kind of fabric did you use? I used a mystery cotton blend with a lovely drape, which I found on a market stall for £1.

How did you decide to reflect your personal style in the pattern? The pattern is very much my style so there were various fabric choices I could have gone for – I’ve already made it in red gabardine. This time I wanted a less formal, floaty version that I could dress up or down. I added white piping to the yoke and round the back to add some definition so the design of the pattern didn’t get too lost with the busy print of the fabric.

What thoughts do you have about the project? This is one of my favourite sewing patterns. I’ve seen so many gorgeous versions of this dress made by other people. It’s not the easiest pattern in the world to fit so definitely worth making a muslin of the bodice pieces before cutting out your nice fabric. It’s well worth the effort and really satisfying when it all comes together. I always get tons of compliments when I wear a Ceylon!

Thanks, Tilly!

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On , didyoumakethat said: | didyoumakethat.wordpress.com

Beeooooutiful! Tilly does the sewing world proud. That fabric was bought off my local market – bargain.

On , Debi said: | fashionsfromthepast.blogspot.com

YAY! I love Tilly’s creative designs–and she is such a lovely person! This dress is among my favourites (as are here lovely Beignet skirts!!)

On , Tilly said: | tillyandthebuttons.com

Ooh it’s meeeeeee!

On , Jane said: | handmadejane.blogspot.com

Beeootiful indeed. It’s a gorgeous version of the Ceylon Tilly and you look fab in it. Hoorah for the featured seamstress! x

On , Cynthia said:

Beautiful pairing of pattern and fabrics. The dresses are gorgeous! I can’t decide if I like the jasmine tea green or red dress more. Thanks for being the featured seamstress.

On , Karen said: | bellaindustries.us

Oh, I’m so proud of you & the dress, Tilly! And I didn’t have anything to do with it!

On , dibs said: | missdibs.com

I love the dress. Then again, I love everything Tilly makes.

On , Melissa vd said:

Tilly you look fabulous ! i love your creations. Melissa

On , Valerie said:

The dress is super amazing. I love Tilly’s blog! so inspiring……

On , Rosesred said: | rozenrood.blogspot.com

Love that dress, and it’s predecessor. Beautiful Ceylons and beautiful excecution

On , Doortje said: | justskirtsanddresses.com

I love this pattern too! Recently bought it, now busy with fitting the muslin…

On , Diya said: | thehobbyharbor.blogspot.in

Very Pretty .. you and the dress:)

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