Palette Challenge: Caitlin’s Loopy Peony

Hi there! How’s your palette challenge coming along? I’m so glad I decided to tailor this challenge to what I could actually manage because I’m zipping along with my three garments. I just finished this Peony dress in pale pink linen. I’d originally thought to do it in pink silk, but decided to use linen for a less formal look. Is anyone else making a Peony dress?

I made some bias tape and covered cording in the linen. It took a fair amount of time to hand stitch that cording in place but it was well worth it! I fully lined the dress in the same fabric because I had a ton of it (thrift store find). You can see some lace peeking out at the hem. That’s some crocheted lace I had in my stash. Etsy is full of lace trim if you’re interested in trying it out.

I hope you’re having fun with the challenge. It’s so neat to see what you all are putting together!

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On , Anna | Mormor hade stil said: | mormorhadestil.se

The dress is adorable. I really like the lace peeking out at the hem!

On , Maryann said:

Love it. So feminine and demure.

On , Sara C. said:

How are you liking your pastel palette now that you’re wearing this dress? Which is gorgeous on you, btw.

On , Caitlin said: | thestorygirl.kendale-drive.net

Thanks! It is still a bit of a stretch for me, but so far I’m liking my slow venturing into pastels.

On , Selena said:

It’s beautiful. Well done!

On , Tracy said: | midwesternsmalltowngirl.com

I love that trim! Now, you’ve got my wheels spinning with some ideas.

On , Chelsea said:

Love the sweet feminine look of the dress, and your hair is very cute too!!

On , Vanessa Traylor said: | designsbysessa.com

Ooooo! I like the cording! I made a pink lace top using vintage lace from my grandmother’s stash… or at least it was vintage to me. It smelled vintage… does that count? haha!

On , Francesca said:

gorgeous! love that cording!

On , Andrea said:

So pretty! This pattern didn’t originally call out to me but I’m loving this version and Sarai’s gingham one. Very nice. And I love the tights, too!

On , Leslie said:

I love the detail on this dress. I want to join the challenge but I have to admit I can’t seem to figure out how to put together my palate. Any hints?

On , Caitlin said: | thestorygirl.kendale-drive.net

Check out the great post Sarai wrote on making a moodboard. That should get you started on your palette!

On , Sarah said: | rhinestonesandtelephones.blogspot.com

What a pretty, pretty Peony, Caitlin! It looks lovely on you and the cord details really add an extra punch.

On , Mariló said: | petitemess.blogspot.com

It’s a beautiful dress! I love the cord detail!

On , Lauren said: | lladybird.wordpress.com

How pretty! I love all the little details you added :)

On , Eva said: | pearlboxblog.com

Pretty dress! I love the beautiful details you have added :)

On , jessica said: | americangirldreaming.blogspot.com

Gorgeous dress! I love the cording and the lace trim! You look great!

On , Amanda said: | symondezyn.wordpress.com

Ah I really like the loopy cord detail at the top, and the lace at the hem – it really makes it so personal! This dress is very feminine and sweet – it has very old-fashioned girly vibe; I’m diggin’ it on you! :)

On , kslaughter said: | sewingreaping.blogspot.com

Lovely dress and such a beautiful color on you! The time you put into the details certainly paid off! I’m still getting it together for my palette and garment styles, but having so much fun–just need to get focused on what’s doable:-). Thanks for sharing~

On , Liz said:

You look as cute as a cupcake! =D

On , cat said:

I absolutely love that we get to see your dress showcased in such a way. Thank you, Caitlin for putting it out there. Going to check out your blog now.
Great peony!

On , Ali said: | wardrobereimagined.blogspot.com

Just wanted to say this looks lovely on you — a simple dress with beautiful details. The lace trim has got me thinking what I can do with some beautiful lace that was gifted to me!

On , Amy said:

Love the loops! And that pale pink is really lovely on you.

On , fangaroni said:

So pretty! The cording detail is fantastic!

On , Teresa said:

Fantastic, Caitlin! This dress is so so sweet and feminine and looks just great on you!
You should be so proud!

On , Angela said: | bonnechanceblogspot.blogspot.com

Love the cording loops, such a great vintage detail! Good job on the dress!

On , meredith said: | fairytalestelltales.blogspot.com

I love your Peony! Your looped cord looks like soutache but better because it’s covered in the same fabric as the dress! And ballet pink is a great color on you!

On , rose said:

The dress is awesome! Great work :)

On , Cynthia said: | dapperduds.wordpress.com

This is so incredibly cute! The loopy cording makes it look like a vintage piece, very pretty.

On , Jo said: | makingitwell.blogspot.com

This is just tooo adorable! I would love to have a dress that looked exactly like this! Jealous, haha :)

On , Melissa said: | craftrambler.blogspot.com

That turned out adorable. I love the cording and the lace, and thanks for the tip on the trim on Etsy!

On , Caitlin said: | thestorygirl.kendale-drive.net

Thank you all for so many lovely comments! You really made me feel good about all that hard work I put into my dress :)

On , Lauren said: | thenextstitch.blogspot.com

What a beautiful way to embellish the dress, I love it!

On , paige p @ luxperdiem said: | luxperdiem.com

So cute! The only thing that could add to is a matching belt!

On , Burke said: | mysewcalledlife2012.wordpress.com

So pretty in the linen, which has that nice wrinkled/summery vibe! And the color is gorgeous on you! I’m so afraid to wear pastels for some reason, but I think this has inspired me!

On , Margie said:

Such a happy looking dress. It looks great.

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