Your Creations: 5 Favorites for August


August is such an interesting month. Some of us are squeezing the last rays of sunshine out of summer while others are prepping for fall. I love the variety that has created in our Flickr pool!

1. Nautical Hawthorn by Eva of Brave Little Tailor.

2. Denim Laurel by Whenallyouneedis

3. Ikat Nutmeg by Jacqui of Birds of a Thread.

4. Orange Lady Grey by The Long & Winding Bobbin

5. Doctor Who Sencha by Laura Lee of NotesOnANeedle.

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On , Heidilea said: | heidilea.livejournal.com

I saw the “Doctor Who” sencha the other day when I was thinking of interesting fabric ideas. I love toiles because of the simple one or two colors, and that funky things can be hidden in the print!

On , Erin || Sewbon.com said: | sewbon.com

These are all so great! I’m totally in love with the denim Laurel!

On , Renay said: | thelongandwindingbobbin.com

Oh hey, that’s my lady grey!
Love everybody’s makes :-)

On , Laura Huston said: | notesonaneedle.wordpress.com

Thank you!! What a pleasant surprise. I made this with lots of love for my daughter, who is the model and this is such a great pattern. Best of luck on the Martha Stewart contest!

On , Rachel said: | raywuwei.me

Awe, how sweet! And thank you!

On , Lynne said: | ozzyblackbeard.blogspot.co.uk

These are all fantastic, I love the Lady Grey coat.

On , cathy said: | cathywu.com

the accessorizing for the nautical hawthorn is too great. the necklace, belt, and purse complete it perfectly!

On , Jacqui said: | birds-of-a-thread.com

Thanks so much for the shout out. I’m loving everyone’s creations and styling, and am inspired to try my hand at the Hawthorn!

On , Dawn said: | scarletthreader.com

All beautiful creations!

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