Detail Inspiration: Lacy pocket

I love this beaded tulle pocket from Chanel.

This would be such an easy and gorgeous detail to add to a holiday dress this Winter (or a wedding dress, for that matter). Add beading to an applique of fine lace, and bead around the edges to cover the seamlines. Oh so pretty.

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On , Kessem said: | dinosaurgirlfashion.blogspot.com

This is beautiful!
How would you deal with the seam finishing of the pocket? as you can probably see them through the pocket…
thanks for the inspiration!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

I can’t see here to be sure, but I’m guessing for a tulle like this, you wouldn’t even need to turn the edges under. Just apply it on top, hand stitch in place, then apply beading over the raw edges of the pockets. It’s not going to fray, and the beading covers up the edge.

On , Alice said:

This is so lovely. I think it could be 2 layers of tulle. I can’t imagine putting anything in this pocket except my hand. Can you imagine a wad of tissue in there!

On , MB@Yarn said: | itunes.apple.com

Greaty way to use up lace remnants too. I wonder how a lace fabric pocket would look on a handknit? Very pretty, and would look something you’d pick up for lots of $$ at anthropologie. I’m so loathe to toss even the tiniest lace scraps, so I need to remember pockets, pockets, pockets! And who doesn’t need a pocket even for your keys or your smartphone?

On , Kat said: | coutureacademic.wordpress.com

I don’t even want to know how many hours of hand beading went into that number. Do you have a link to the original dress pictures so I could see the whole garment?

On , Maris Olsen said: | sewmaris.com

Soooooo pretty – thanks Sarai!

On , rbjaneite said:

Pockets in a wedding dress. . . Doctor Who?!!

hibiscus dyed beaded lace colette laurel + i am satin doll

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