Fabric Finds: Find fabrics by color at More Cloth!

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Ok, this is pretty amazing. At least it is if you are like me, both addicted to fabric and addicted to Etsy. Catherine of More Cloth has created an index of fabrics available on Etsy, sorted by color! Catherine says on her blog that it’s far from comprehensive since there are so many wonderful fabrics available on Etsy, but I have to tell you, I spied so many beauties in just a few minutes of clicking. It’s really helpful and fun, just look:

coral fabrics

yellow fabrics

blue fabrics

Go check out More Cloth and have fun!

{via Heart Handmade

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On , Heather Mc said: | muffett.blogspot.com

Holy Moly! That may prove dangerous for me as I’m an addict, too. It’s so pretty though….

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