Fabric Finds: Silk Butterflies

butterfly dress

I recently acquired the gorgeous vintage dress, which appears to be handmade (looks like the early 1940s?). There are many reasons I love this dress, but first among them is the beautiful, bright, silky butterfly fabric.

butterfly fabric

Excuse the wrinkles, it had just had a bath.

So now I’m a bit obsessed with butterfly fabrics, especially in silk. A little 90s perhaps (does anyone else remember that trend of photorealistic insects printed on fabric?), but I think they’re very pretty.

These are all silks from Thai Silks

huge butterfly

This is a print I’ve been admiring for a while. The butterflies are huge, over 9 inches!

white butterfly silk

This one is very loud, but I like it.

black and white

And this black and white print is really stunning. Couldn’t you just see it as a dress with some brightly colored trim?

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On , Nancy Solla said: | coldspringsstudio.blogspot.com

Oh I just love that little dress! The print is so nifty. I would have snatched that up, even if it wasn’t my size, just for the fabric! I’m trying to imagine a project using the Thai silk print with the huge butterflies…. I’m sure I can think of some reason to justify buying it!

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On , Andrea said: | crownology.blogspot.com

Beautiful fabrics.
I’d love to see the dress on, with your choice in accessories!

On , Faith Terrell said:

Hi! Do you know where do get silk fabric with a design of a monarch butterfly wings. Not a bunch of a butterflies, but of the wings?

On , Angela Haynes said:

I love these fabrics, do you know where I might find the “loud” one as the link is not available.

Thank you

On , marcia kunene said:

Hi I would like to know where can I get butterfly fabrics in south africa ,am crazy in luv

On , Virginia said: | yahoo

How do I fine out what the cost of the black butter fly material is a yard and how to order.

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