Featured Seamstress: Tracey

Name: Tracey

Skill Level: Intermediate

Pattern: Iris and Sorbetto

Her Blog: Swell Sewing

Her post about the pattern: Sewing My Seasonal Mini Wardrobe

What kind of fabric did you use? For the Iris shorts, I used a navy blue wool crepe that has an amazing drape and a dressy feel. For the Sorbetto top I used cotton from the DS Quilts Aunt Edna series.

How did you decide to reflect your personal style in the pattern? Since I have gams over the age of 40, I added another inch to the lovely Iris shorts.

What thoughts do you have about the project? I really feel like the Iris shorts pattern was created just for me. They feature all of the details that I love in a pair of shorts. The pocket on the seam fits neatly on the hip creating a nice slimming line and giives my hands a place to hang during an awkward photo session with my husband.

Thanks, Tracey!

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On , Nothy Lane said: | aftagley.blogspot.ca

I love the whole outfit. The Sorbetto is such a nice pattern – you can dress it up for work or wear it casually. I love it. I love the fabric you chose for it too. The shorts are lovely. I don’t wear a lot of short but I do admire the fit and fabric of the ones you made. I would be thrilled with this outfit if I were you! Bravo!

On , Tracey Wirth said: | swellsewing.wordpress.com

You should give them a try! These are sooooo comfy! Thanks for your comments!

On , Charlotte said:

Gorgeous! I still haven’t taken the plunge with my Iris pattern, so you’ve definitely given me the inspiration to go for it. :-)

On , Tracey Wirth said: | swellsewing.wordpress.com

Thanks Charlotte! I am glad I have inspired you, just as so many have inspired me! Take the plunge Gal! The water’s fine!

On , Lisa S. said:

Such a lovely summer outfit!

On , Tracey Wirth said: | swellsewing.wordpress.com

Thanks Lisa!

On , Liz said: | busylizzieinbrizzy.blogspot.com.au

These shorts look great! With the Sorbetto even better! Fabulous look.

On , Tracey Wirth said: | swellsewing.wordpress.com

Thank you! You are a dear!

On , Tim John said: | timothyjohn.com.au

Great work Tracey, the outfit and you look terrific.
Love and best wishes from Lorraine and I.

On , Tracey Wirth said: | swellsewing.wordpress.com

You are way too sweet! Thank you so much! xxxoooo

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