Inspirational Details: Corded Pintuck Scallops

This week we’re going to cover three different details you can add to the Peony dress. If you think of the bodice as a clean slate, you can use it for lots of fun embellishments. For this look, I used the
Corded Pintuck Tutorial to make the scallops.

The scallops are slightly raised and add a nice textural, visual aspect to the neckline. You could play around with the shape of the corded pintucks, as well as the color of thread you use. I think it would look really cute if you scalloped the entire bodice! It might get tricky across those darts, though. Have you ever tried something like that?

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On , Casey said: | elegantmusings.com

I love this idea–just across the shoulders it’s very simple and elegant! Need to invest in a pintuck foot for my machines… ;)

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

I could see you doing a lot of adorable things with this, Casey! :)

On , Rosesred said: | rozenrood.blogspot.com

What a beautiful dress! I love the detail at the collar, what a clever use of a corded pintuck. I could not picture in my head how to use this detail before, but now I have a lot of ideas, thank you!

On , Anna | Mormor hade stil said: | mormorhadestil.se

Very elegant.

On , Tabatha Tweedie said: | threadcarefully.wordpress.com

That looks lovely!

On , Melanie said:

Very nice detail and the dress looks great in red. What mind of fabric did you use here?

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Our fabric here is a cotton twill. I bought a ton of this fabric and we’ve been using it for everything, ha!

On , Sarah said: | rhinestonesandtelephones.blogspot.com

How beautiful! I’ve just ordered Peony for myself and I am so looking forward to whipping it up! :)

On , MB said: | itunes.apple.com

Pintuck foots are handy for a lot of things…I would suggest using a heavier weight thread so the pintuck scallops really stand out. I think a multi-colored thread would be really dynamic too.

On , oonaballoona said: | oonaballoona.blogspot.com

i suddenly find myself having to make a black evening dress, this would make it so much more interesting! (black is my achilles heel.)

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Me too, Oona! I can’t get away from black.

On , Seraphinalina said: | seraphinalina.blogspot.com

That never would have crossed my mind and I love the result. What a great way to add detail to a simple fabric & design. That is really inspirational. I think I’m often drawn to prints in stores over solids because it feels more interesting, but details like that would make a solid stand out.

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

I agree, that’s really the beauty of solids. Just takes a little more imagination. :)

On , Lauren said: | lladybird.wordpress.com

wow! i would have NEVER thought of using this technique, but it is lovely! subtle, with just enough embellishment to add a little visual interest.

awesome, now i have to add a pintuck foot to my never-ending list of sewing “wants” :)

On , Maris Olsen said: | sewmaris.com

I LOVE this detail – so pretty and feminine. I amreally enjoying adding more vintage looks to my wardrobe -t hank you for all your inspiration!

On , Alessa said: | farben-freude.blogspot.com

Wow, what a totally charming detail! A pin-tuck foot is so going on my Christmas wishlist…

On , Mary Danielson said: | idlefancy.com

Oh, I absolutely love little details like this. The dress looks amazing. I somehow missed the original corded pintuck tutorial and I can’t believe it’s so easy! This would be such a great embellishment on shirt-dresses and simple tops, like the Sorbetto. I can’t wait to try it out!

On , Kristen said: | smithanddaphne.blogspot.com

Love this! It’s such a great way to add detail – one of the best things about home sewing is being able to personalize things like this, I think. Plus, it looks so impressive! I’m adding a pintuck foot to my wishlist.

On , Le Petite Hoot said: | lepetitehoot.etsy.com

Thanks for linking up to the Corded Pintuck Tutorial. It looks so pretty but also a little intimidating. Still very eager to try though! :)

On , Meghan said:

I love this idea! I never would have thought of using bias tape to create this effect. I think clothes with details like this are so classy and sophisticated. Thanks for the idea!

On , Lavender said: | threadsquare.wordpress.com

I adore details like this that make you look twice. Will definitely be playing around with this in the near future…maybe even this weekend!

On , Kirstyn said: | modestcorner.wordpress.com

Gorgeous – pretty much want to ditch my next planned project so I can make a top/ dress that incorporates this detailing right away!

On , Jeanne Marie said: | jmsewingstudio.com

Wow! I’ve never seen anything quite like this. I’m hot to make a chambray shirtdress from a 1940s pattern with a matching belt. This technique would be outstanding on something like that.

On , Kristi said: | notsocrafty.com

I love, love this dress, the details, the color. Absolutely gorgeous.

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