Making shoe accessories at the vamoose

Have you seen these beautiful Chloe-inspired shoe accessories over at the vamoose? So pretty!

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On , Casey said: | elegantmusings.com

Oh wow! I’ve been contemplating shoe embellishments lately to spruce up some rather “blah” shoes I have lying about. I just love the pompoms! :) I found a scan of a page from the mid 40s recently (on Ebay) showing a few cute clips and stuff for shoes that you might like taking a look at: http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b145/iconisms/1943_44_sears01.jpg

On , Rachel Collinson said: | collinsonjewellers.com

Truly a creative beauty. There are actually accessories also available at the Links of London- they have always been a great site to look for contemporary classics, fashion must-haves and that extra special piece you weren’t expecting to find. 

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