Palette Challenge: Caitlin’s Moodboard

I’m keeping it simple this spring since I am notorious for overcommitting and falling short of my goal. To make this challenge more manageable for me, I’ll be making three garments that I need in my wardrobe: a long sleeved shirt, a pretty spring dress and basic skirt.

Sarai recently wrote about shopping through your own fabric stash instead of heading to the store. I’m doing just that for my garments! Spring in Portland is relatively cool, so I’m planning on making my Meringue skirt in a lightweight wool gabardine that’s hiding out in my closet. I recently visited New York and found some beautiful embroidered silk crepe at Mood, which will be perfect for a shirt. I have several fabrics I’m considering for my spring dress and right now I’m really leaning toward a ballet pink silk I’ve had for over a year.

The colors I chose are ones I don’t naturally gravitate towards for myself but I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something new! What about you? Are you planning on using tried and true colors or are your switching it up?

Images: Embroidered Pink Dress, Mint Green Ruffle Dress, Pink Polka Dot Dress, Pink Cameo, Rose Earrings, Floral Camisole, Scalloped Wallet, Mint Wedges, Pink & Gold Earrings, Cream Blouse,
Peach Scallop Skirt, Green Scarf, Floral Scarf, Mint Buttons

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On , Noelle said: | sewelle-noelle.blogspot.com.au

Oooh, gorgeous! You know, I wish I had more plain fabrics in my stash- I really like the look of all those pastels! Everything I have is either a print or a really loud colour.

We are in autumn here in the land Down Under. I will probably be going for richer hues like teal and berry. I’d love to make a pinafore out of rust-coloured corduroy…but I don’t have any and I am determined to use fabric from my stash only!

On , Heidilea said: | heidilea.livejournal.com

I have so much fabric stored it would be a travesty to buy more. Problem is, like Noelle, I have a lot of weird prints that don’t go with each other and a lot of weird fabrics in weird colors (that I can recall). For many years, I would buy a fabric because I liked it and not because it went with anything. I am now wishing I hadn’t done that.

I’ve lost a lot of weight and need some new clothes. I want to try some different colors than I have gone to in the past. My husband had me try on a bright orange dress and everyone loved it. I’ve never really worn orange (or yellow) for that matter, so those two I might try out more.

On , Inga said:

Wonderful moodboard!
My Palette is (for me) a little adventurous, because I try bright colours and (trara, for the first time) prints. One look is sailory trousers in navy with a polkadottop in white /red with a sporty jacket in white (that’s my first step into prints). If it feels comfortable, I’ll make a silk tunique with big butterflies in all rainbow colours to a pair of Clovers in white and a honeysuckle Peony. Finally there will be a wrap dress in creamwhite for the days, when colours are for the accessories only.

Wish all of you a wonderful spring!



On , Anna said:

If you go for that pink silk for the spring dress, I’d LOVE to see any tips you have on working with silk and other ‘slippery’ fabrics…

On , Barb Sheppard said: | oldintonewcouture.etsy.com

Those are some of my favorite colors and styles. I really like the skirt!

On , Pamela said:

Love your moodboard!

I am using the Good Fabric this year( you know we ALL have it!), and exploring a different side of myself as my life style changes~ Hint: I live in Northern Exp@sure L@nds End and that kind of clothing all the time!
I am looking for a “softer” kind of clothing vs all the tailored things~ Or all things Outdoor looking~
Just trying to re define my look, and am working on it slowly, taking my time and having a whole lotta fun while doing this!~ Good Sewing to all!

On , Romy said:

I was in a sewing rut since I only seem to wear black or red, but I’m SO inspired now! I love the color story in the scarves, and how the dresses go for textural interest instead of having a print. So elegant without being matronly, nice going Caitlin!

On , Lauren said: | booksfashionandtea.blogspot.com

How pretty! I chose a very similar color scheme:-)

On , Ashley at The Feisty Redhead said: | thefeistyredhead.blogspot.com

I usually stay away from pastel colors and colors that I think might make me look even paler, but I was recently really inspired by a fashion spread in Marie Claire that featured a redheaded model with those exact colors. It’s making me wonder if I can actually pull off white, melon, etc.

On , Caitlin said:

I’m also redheaded and have stayed away from pastels b/c of the wash-out factor. I think the best thing is to make sure the pastel color has a lot of depth to it. Although it can still work, I think we look better in richer, darker colors. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try out pastels sometimes!

On , Sarah said: | rhinestonesandtelephones.blogspot.com

So pretty, Caitlin!

On , Diana Marlow said:

Makes me think of the movie The Great Gatsby! I love it! Beautiful!

On , Simona said: | sewingadventuresintheattick.wordpress.com

Hi Sarai!
I’ve made up the Taffy blouse from your book and posted about it on my blog.
If you are curious to see how my project looks like please head over to my blog.
I’d love to know what you think of my top.

On , Yizzard said: | yizzsyawn.blogspot.co.uk

Loving your mood board although not colours I can wear I can admire from affar.

I couldnt get photoshop to work for my mood board but all my colours and plans can be found here, http://yizzsyawn.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/coletterie-mood-board.html Its my first one so I would love your opinions.

On , Rachel Marie said: | raywuwei.me

OMG that ASOS skirt is delectably cute, AND can be made as a variation for the Meringue Skirt. UHMAZING!

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