Spring Palette Challenge Week Five!

How are you doing on the Spring Palette Challenge?

This is my second garment, which I made in a white eyelet I’ve had for ages, lined in a light cream cotton, and finished with bias tape at the neckline. I was originally going to make it sleeveless, but decided short little sleeves would showcase the eyelet scallop border so nicely. I love the geometry of this fabric.

The black silk bow belt was something I uncovered in my stash of vintage sewing things, and I believe it came from my grandmother. It’s a wide silk ribbon and closes with a hook and eye underneath the bow. I was delighted to find it, since it works so well with the dress.

Ok, your turn! You know what to do: Post your own progress in the forum! Or at least check out what everyone is posting there, because there are some amazing garments on display.

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On , Melissa said: | thehoneybeesknees.blogspot.com

Its so lovely, and the crisp white scalloped sleeves look brilliant with your colorful tattoos!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Thanks! It seems like it’s been cold for so long, my tattoos never see the light of day!

On , Jade said: | jademsheldonphotography.blogspot.com

Oooo! Love the pattern on this!

On , Karen said: | wordpress.com

I love me some white eyelet, too bad a have a two year old who often has peanut butter on her fingers. You did a lovely job :)

On , Christine said: | christinehaynes.com

Gorgeous! Totally beautiful, simple, and classic. Love it.

On , Kati said: | katikando.wordpress.com

Gorgeous! I love that eyelet. Great job, keep it up :)

On , Kat said: | katcreativeadventures.blogspot.com

Stunning! I have been wanting a white eyelet summer dress for ages and this makes me want one even more.

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

I always want more white dresses when Spring and summer roll around, but for some reason I don’t sew them much. So I’m glad this challenge got me thinking about what I actually want to wear, not just what I feel like sewing!

On , Carlotta Stermaria said: | carlottastermaria.wordpress.com

I’ve never seen such an eyelet before. Oh, the pattern! I love what you did with the scalloped hem, too. I looks charming on you, especially with that sash (it must be great to have a stash that comes from you family)!

On , Portia said: | portialawrie.blogspot.com

Love it! The eyelet is fab. The scallops are fab.The belt is fab. It’s all just, well, FAB! I sooooo need to find me some sewing time.

On , Hillary said:

Oooooh! Sensational- perfect way to showcase a really phenomenal fabric. Love the zigzags and scallops- just gorgeous. And I think great idea to go with the sleeves, you really see those details to best advantage.

Argh though, are we seriously in week 5 of the challenge? So many things I want to do still!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Ha! Don’t worry, the first couple weeks were just prep work (picking the alette and projects and so forth), so there’s still lots of sewing time left!

On , Leah said: | strugglesewsastraightseam.wordpress.com

This is so lovely! It screams spring! Or rather, it demurely murmurs spring over tea and cucumber sandwiches.

On , Brittan said: | brittansalisbury.wordpress.com

That is such a different eyelet pattern! I really love it. I think the geometrical look of it makes it different.

On , Rebecca said: | roulettevintage.wordpress.com

Wow, what a beautiful dress. I love the fabric and the black silk bow.

On , laura said: | tagtraeumerin.de

i also made an eyelet dress for the challenge and i love it! but yours is so pretty, too! (: great, especially with the black belt.

On , Erin said:

That is exactly the sort of dress I’m looking for a pattern for. Any chance you’ll be publishing the pattern?

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