The great sewing blog roundup!


{image above: sweet dolly pins}

Ok guys, I feel that my links have become embarrassingly outdated. A long while back, I just threw up some of my favorite links and haven’t had a chance to revise them or seek out new ones.

I think it’s important that we get to know our community of fellow sewers, so I’m putting a call out! I’d love it if you could comment and tell me a little about your sewing or crating related blog. Please write in your comments:

  1. Your name (first name is fine, or if you prefer some other nickname or handle, that’s a-ok)
  2. The name of your blog
  3. The link to your blog
  4. A short (140 characters or less) description of your blog

Your blog should have something to do with sewing or making, even if that’s not the primary focus. Please no links to non-blogs (etsy stores, etc).

I’m going to go through all the links you give me and add them to my blogroll, and I’m also planning to add a rotating “featured reader blog” spot that will have a link and the description of your blog.

To keep this manageable, I will keep this open for one week, so you have until Wednesday, March 10, then I will close comments. Thank you all, I can’t wait to check out your links!

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On , Emily said: | charlesandpoppy.blogspot.com

My blog, Charles & Poppy, is a mish-mash of creativity. I come from a long line of very talented sewers and crafters, and after receiving a sewing machine for my 23rd Birthday nearly two years ago, I’ve returned the the craft and have fallen deeply in love with it. I love any and all forms of creativity, and I love being inspired by other people. Come visit!

On , karen ball said: | didyoumakethat.wordpress.com

I’m Karen, and my brand new blog – http://didyoumakethat.wordpress.com/ – is only four entries old! The blog follows the story of my sewing and knitting – two crafts that balance my other life as a writer and editor of children’s books. I’m hoping the blog will give me faith as I take terrified steps towards making the McCalls 5815 jacket and that readers will enjoy occasional glimpses of London and the fabric heaven that is Walthamstow market. Thank you!

On , M said: | thelazymilliner.blogspot.com

Okedokey. I’m Mary Beth; my blog is http://www.thelazymilliner.blogspot.com. It’s about sewing, knitting, crocheting, procrastinating, and oh yes, hats!

On , Karin said: | themrs.eu

How exciting! My blog http://www.themrs.eu started out as a crafty blog, focussed mostly on sewing, but later life in general made an appearance also, especially those little moments in every day that make you stop for a moment and realise how wonderful it all is. With three little ones it can be challenging to find as much time for sewing as I would love to have, but, in the minutes that I do manage to fit in, I love to sew for those little ones I mentioned before, for my love and for myself.

On , Susannah said: | cargocultcraft.com

So glad you asked! Cargo Cult Craft is where I post about sewing, 1940s fashion history, the challenges of dressing well in the age of fast fashion and my attempt to live for one year on the UK wartime clothing ration from 1941.

Hope to see you there!

On , Bea said: | horrormaedchen.blogspot.com

Hi I’m Bea and my blog is http://www.horrormaedchen.blogspot.com . I blog about my sewing and crochet and will add knitting as well, if I ever get anything else finished but a scarf . I also blog about any inspiration I find and life in general.

On , AnaJan said:

Hmm… I guess I’ll have to start writing a sewing related blog, just to be able to enter the sewing community. I’m a passionate fellow seamstress, and I love reading other people’s blogs on the subject, so I follow a lot of them, but I don’t keep my own blog. Does being an active member of BurdaStyle count at all? If so, browse for me over there under AnaJan.

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

I definitely don’t think you need a blog to be part of the sewing community! But hopefully this will help you find some cool blogs to read as well.

On , AnaJan said:

I sure did find some really inspiring blogs :).

On , Deedrie said: | mybricole.com

mybricole at home is a little record my baking, stitching, and picture taking. It tracks all the fun things I’m doing when I really should be doing laundry.

On , Deedrie said: | mybricole.com

grr my link didn’t work – you can find me at http://www.mybricole.com
Like I said, mybricole at home is a little record my baking, stitching, and picture taking. It tracks all the fun things I’m doing when I really should be doing laundry.
And sometimes I have trouble with computers.

On , Ms.Cleaver said: | mscleaverchronicles.wordpress.com

I’m Leah aka Ms. Cleaver, and I blog at http://mscleaverchronicles.wordpress.com. I knit, sew, embroider, bake, and share my adventures in and around Southern Maine. I’m currently teaching myself pattern drafting – which has brought some exciting new challenges to the table!

On , Bissy said: | sewsterhood.wordpress.com

Hi! My name’s Bissy, and my new blog Sewsterhood (http://sewsterhood.wordpress.com) is a place for sewing and story. I love how sewing isn’t just messing about with needle and thread but rather a series of ongoing cozy experiments in crafting love. On my blog, that’s what I seek to explore as I post about each new project.

On , Diane said: | knitknitwhat.blogspot.com

I’m Diane and my blog can be found at http://www.knitknitwhat.blogspot.com. I mostly knit so that has been the focus of my blog since its inception. But I’ve started to use the sewing machine I got for my birthday last year and hope to post more about my sewing adventures in the future.

On , sarah said: | colorkitten.com

I feel a little like I’m at a 12-step meeting for sewists! I’m Sarah, my blog is Color Kitten @ http://www.colorkitten.com, where I mostly blog about sewing and cooking – more cooking than I’d like, but I cook every day of the year and don’t get to sew nearly as much! For the last few years I’ve sewn almost 100% for my daughter, now that she’s five and doesn’t grow out of everything quite so fast I’ve finally gotten back to sewing for myself. (And please, avoid the tuna fish wiggle recipe sitting at the top of the blog right now! It’s part of a project, I had to make it!)

On , Andrea said: | newvintage.wordpress.com

I’m Andrea and my blog, http://newvintage.wordpress.com/, is about sewing with vintage patterns for the plus sized gal.

On , Nancy said: | coldspringsstudio.blogspot.com

Hi! My name is Nancy, and my blog is “Waiter Waiter Percolator” (http://coldspringsstudio.blogspot.com/). I write mostly about sewing, especially vintage sewing and contemporary “refashioning”. I also write about vintage and retro music, art, graphics, social history, fashion, interior design, housewares… you get the idea. I make jewelry, and co-own a studio pottery with my husband. One of the themes of my blog is “Make Do and Mend.” I try to follow the practices of my grandparents during the Depression and the War, by making the most of the materials I have at hand. Our grandparents were “green” before it became “fashionable”!

Thanks for this opportunity. I’m always looking for fun new blogs, and you’re doing the work of collecting them for me!

On , renee said: | automaticsweetheart.blogspot.com

I’m Renee and I write a blog called automaticsweetheart (http://automaticsweetheart.blogspot.com). I write about designing and sewing handbags (and sometimes garments), learning textile design, embellishment and trim inspiration, and in the near future, I’ll hopefully begin have some simple pattern drafting tutorials (fingers crossed on this one. Sometimes I don’t know where my time goes!).

On , Katie said: | katiekadiddlehopper.blogspot.com

Hi! I’m Katie (kid_md is my handle). My blog is Kadiddlehopper (http://katiekadiddlehopper.blogspot.com). I sew mainly clothing, occasionally bags and totes and have dabbled in other accessories. I sew for myself, my two children and my husband. I’m looking forward to checking out the other blogs on this list as well!

On , Trisha said: | madebytrisha.blogspot.com

Hi, I’m Trisha, and my blog is MadeByTrisha.


My blog is about the creative part of my life as a 20-something living in Arizona with my hubby and two dogs. I love being creative– whether it is sewing, painting, cooking, or something new!

On , Maggie said: | smashedpeasandcarrots.blogspot.com

Helloooo, I’m Maggie and my blog is called Smashed Peas and Carrots (http://smashedpeasandcarrots.blogspot.com). I blog about easy sewing projects and crafts I create for my family as well as some of my favorite easy recipes. I’m also a momma of two with one on the way so I also talk about life as a momma :) This is such a great idea as I am always looking for new bloggies too!!

On , Nicole said: | biketopus.blogspot.com

I’m Nicole, and I have a “hobbies” blog called Biketopus: http://biketopus.blogspot.com/ I blog about other things like biking, cooking, and aquariums in addition to sewing, but a lot of the content is sewing related (a sign that sewing is taking over all of my free time lately!). A big part of the blog for me is trying to document works in progress so that I can learn from my sewing/crafting experiences and not be tempted to just abandon projects and hide them away in the unfinished bag of shame.

On , Natalie said: | makeandmingle.wordpress.com

Hi! My name is Natalie and my blog (http://makenandmingle.wordpress.com) is for our store, Make & Mingle in Fairfield, CT. I run it with my sister and another friend. We just opened in January and are working on building up a community of sewers with our classes and workshops. So far, our store attracts a lot of beginners, and we are excited that the interest is out there. I’d love to carry Collette patterns, just have to find some skilled customers! :) The blog is a lifestyle blog with a focus on a love of fabric…

On , The Cupcake Goddess said: | thecupcakegoddess.com

I would love to be added. My name is Sunni, but I’m also known as The Cupcake Goddess. It’s just a name. I don’t eat cupcakes or even make them all the time. I’m big into sewing and fabric and sewing and fashion and well, sewing. I try to mix it up by sharing what I love about sewing, sewing advice, sewing inspiration and the like. Catch me at: http://www.thecupcakegoddess.com.
Thanks Sarai!

On , Erica said: | ericalwong.wordpress.com

I am brand new to blogging and am chronicling my adventures and misadventures in sewing. I’m looking around different blogger’s sites for advice, inspiration, and friendship. Look me up at http://ericalwong.wordpress.com/

On , Caitlin said: | thestorygirl.kendale-drive.net

Hi! I’m Caitlin. I write the blog The Story Girl: http://thestorygirl.kendale-drive.net

I write about sewing, knitting, and crafty projects. I also write about patterns I’ve designed and the clothes I’ve made from them. It’s a story of the ongoing process of personal discovery (that sometimes calls for a break!).

On , Katrina said: | thepennyfarthing.blogspot.com

All these great blogs mean I’ll never get any work done! This is great. :)
I’m Katrina, and my blog is called The Penny Farthing, http://www.thepennyfarthing.blogspot.com, and it’s just about my attempts at sewing, cooking, and living here in Portland, OR. All such noble pursuits!

On , Shannon said: | sew-thrifty.blogspot.com

Hi! I’m ShannonAshley, at http://www.sew-thrifty.blogspot.com and my blog is about sewing, crafting, refurbishing and doing so with a budget concious mind. I go about this with a college student budget and manage to have a great time doing it! This is simply a blog about the way I go about sewing and crafting!

On , Stephanie Hillberry said: | stephaniehillberry.blogspot.com

Thanks for offering this! My name is Stephanie Hillberry and the name of my blog is Deviantly Domesticated (www.stephaniehillberry.blogspot.com). I write daily during the week about all things domestic, including cooking, sewing, knitting, money, marriage, fashion, running a business from home, and more. My favorite topic is how to practice creative resourcefulness by thinking outside of the box, and I try to weave that concept into everything I do!

On , Alli (One Pearl Button) said: | onepearlbutton.com

Hi Sarai! I’m Alli and I blog at One Pearl Button (www.onepearlbutton.com). OPB is a lifestyle blog where I document all aspects of the creative side of my life, focusing on crafts (primarily sewing, embroidery, knitting, and crochet), fashion, and photography. I love to share tutorials and link to other creative content all over the internet.

I love the idea of a blog roundup – thanks for putting it together!

On , Silje said: | littlebirdcrafts.blogspot.com

Hi, I’m Silje, from http://littlebirdcrafts.blogspot.com/, my blog is as much about my every day life, as it is sewing, knitting, painting, scrapbooking, soap making, and more. Being unemployed for the last 6 months has really forced me to be more creative than ever and I am constantly pushing myself to learn something new, and share with my readers in my blog.

On , Mena said: | sewweekly.com

1. Mena
2. Sew Weekly
3. http://www.sewweekly.com
4. By the end of 2010, I hope to have a closet filled only with clothes that I have sewn myself (with a few exceptions). This project began in Fall of 2009 but I began documenting it in January 2010. The Sew Weekly is all about my attempt to meet that goal by sewing something, well, weekly.

Thanks for putting the call-out for blogs! I’m always looking for new ones to read as well.

On , Karrol said: | kikivontiki.etsy.com

Hi there! I’m Karrol and my business name is Kiki von Tiki. I have a blog over at blogspot: http://www.retromodernwahine.blogspot.com

My blog is about my adventures in sewing for the Tiki, Pinup girl, Mid-Century Modern and Rockabilly crowd! I’m inspired by all these things and my collection of vintage patterns from the 20’s through the 60’s.
I also promote my etsy store on tbe blog: http://www.kikivontiki.etsy.com

Thanks for the opportunity to share it with you!
Kiki v.

On , amélie said: | mydaruma.wordpress.com

Hi, my name is Amélie (yes just like Amélie Poulain) and i’m a french blogger/sewer. My blog is named My Daruma after the wish dolls. My daruma is my hope for a bold and self-taught sewing journey. I sew commercial patterns, japonese patterns, indie patterns and once in a while i come up with my very own creation.
Thanks for this call-out!

On , Kristen Mary said: | hhfcraft.blogspot.com

Hello! I am Kristen Mary and my husband Blake and I maintain a family themed craft blog. I mainly sew and embroider and he is an illustrator. Our blog is called “Himsl Hunter Family Craft Blog” and the link is here!

Thank you!

On , Melissa said: | action-hero.net

1. I’m Melissa.
2. Action Hero
3. http://www.action-hero.net/blog/knitblog.html

I document all of my sewing and knitting projects on my blog.

On , Jessica said: | stitchywitch.wordpress.com

I have a sewing and knitting blog at http://stitchywitch.wordpress.com. I know tons of knitting blogs, but have a hard time finding good sewing blogs to read – good idea!

On , Donna said: | snowrouteranch.blogspot.com

My name is Donna. My blog site is http://snowrouteranch.blogspot.com/

I do lots of things on my blog besides report on my sewing, although I do that too. I like to read and tell you what I like sometimes. I like to cook and talk about that sometimes. I live way, way up in the mountains of Colorado, so there are times when I blog about the wildlife and nature up here and not being able to garden much at this altitude. But, most of all I like to sew and play with fabric and patterns. I am beginning to want to draft my own patterns. I have never thought of myself as creative…..guess I was always working too hard to let that side of my brain see the sunlight. Come visit me on my blog. I have lots of fun there!

On , Amy P. said:

I don’t have a blog, but I am so excited to learn about all of your blogs! Maybe it will inspire me to start my own at some point. Thanks for sharing!

On , Wendi said: | modernmaam.com

What a fabulous idea!
okey doke:
My name is Wendi A.K.A. Good Canary.
I run Modern Ma’am @
I have taught myself to do a million things and I love to teach people so I do it there. I used to cook for a living but don’t work anymore due to health problems so I post my original recipes, lots of tutorials, and tips and things about stitching in all forms, art in all forms, talented people, and things that make life beautiful

On , Anna said: | pleasantviewschoolhouse.blogspot.com

I sew and blog at pleasantviewschoolhouse.blogspot.com (and cook and decorate and read vintage books).

I sew lots of dresses from vintage patterns for myself and my various-sized daughters, and also make odds and ends from thrift store finds. Thanks for asking!

On , Corvus said: | corvustristis.livejournal.com

Hello! I’m Tala, known about the internet as Corvus, and I run the blog Corvus tristis here: http://corvustristis.livejournal.com . I blog all sorts of crafts, from sewing and knitting to jewelrywork and polymer clay (even bladesmithing, on the rare occasion). There are very few crafts I can resist putting my own twist on. Aside from my own projects I’ve been known to write up tutorials, am working on my first craft book review, and frequently post free line art for use as embroidery patterns or other creative purposes.

On , Caroline said: | missjacksondesign.blogspot.com

Hi I’m Caroline and my blog at http://missjacksondesign.blogspot.com/ combines my adventures in custom dressmaking, design, recycling vintage clothes and fabrics, plus pics from my pattern archives and gorgeous inspiration. Thanks!

On , Amy said: | dartandhem.blogspot.com

You are gonna have quite a list!

I am Amy from Dart and Hem http://www.dartandhem.blogspot.com
I knit and sew and blog about my projects and inspiration. I love vintage and have recently started working on vintage patterns and I am trying to work on my sewing skillz. The blog has been a bit under the wearther as of late due to some personal issues but I hope to get it up and goign a bit more shortly!

On , Sarah Pilling said: | fabricspill.blogspot.com


I’m Sarah and my blog fabricspill is at http://www.fabricspill.blogspot.com – and it’s about learning new techniques and trying to work my fabric stash down, and finish some projects!

On , Lara said: | thornberry.wordpress.com

Hello there! I’m Lara, and my blog is called thornberry – you can find it at http://thornberry.wordpress.com
I do a bit of many things. I love to sew clothes for myself and my two young daughters, I make bags, I crochet, I do a bit of quilting. My blog is mostly “show and tell” – I love to show off my latest projects and having the blog keeps me motivated!

On , Heather Kordsmeier said: | savvypassions.blogspot.com

Hello! I’m Heather and my blog is called http://www.savvypassions.blogspot.com and it is about all the passions I love. Sewing, crafting and embroidry just to mention a few. I am very new at blogging. I love to read about the things people are sewing, decoarting, painting or creating. I decided to start blogging to get ideas for myself. My mother is a great seamtress. I am just learning. I sew, machine embroidry, quilt and craft. Thanks for sharing your creativeness!!

On , Lisa said: | adjectiverobot.wordpress.com

Hi! I’m Lisa, and I blog at Adjective Robot. It’s pretty new (I have a more personal blog that I’ve been keeping for the last five years), but it mostly covers my foray into making things. I knit, sew, and embroider, and I dream about making more things all the time.

On , Emily said: | onalarkdesign.com

I’ve already discovered some great blogs just from reading to the comments.
So here goes: I’m Emily and my blog is On a Lark Design (http://onalarkdesign.com). It’s about sewing, crafting, and my life as a graduate student/soon-to-be working gal (hopefully) in rural Maine. I love trying new projects and sharing tricks I’ve learned after a whole lot of pouring over directions, patterns, and putting my seam ripper to use!

On , Reilly said: | cicispeaks.blogspot.com

I’m Reilly and I blog at “Cici Speaks”, linked above! I’m a vintage-loving lady who likes to sew from 30s & 50s vintage and repro patterns! Besides the clothing I also love old movies and 50s-early 60s music!

On , Elle said: | elledechene.blogspot.com

Hello, I’m Elle, and my sadly out-of-date blog is http://www.elledechene.blogspot.com. I’m working on a little black dress and will post pics ASAP. It is made using vintage Vogue S-4797. You’ve inspired me to go post something right now! Thanks, Elle

On , sulovessew said: | sulovessew.wordpress.com

I am Su from http://www.sulovessew.wordpress.com, I started my sewing/knitting blog three months ago. I am fairly new to sewing and knitting (a little over a year). I started the blog so I can chronicle my crafting journey. My blog has reviews of patterns that I have made, crafting events that I’ve been too, sewing/knitting books that I read plus inspirations that I’d like to share

On , Clare said: | luckymia.blogspot.com

Hi I’m Clare and you can find me at http://luckymia.blogspot.com/ I am quite new to blogging, and started my own after discovering some great ones out there! The main focus is supposed to be sewing and fabrics, but other topics have found their way in.

On , Katia (plushka) said: | plushkacraft.blogspot.com

Hi! I am Katia and my blog Plushka’s Craft is here:
http://www.plushkacraft.blogspot.com/. I’ve been bloging only since July last year but already celebrated my 100’s post:) The main focus is cross-stitch, however I sew quite a bit:) I love sewing from linen or Japanese fabric. I am inspired by France and cute Japanese style. Hope you like my blog:)
Thank you!

On , Enken said: | whipstitchsewing.wordpress.com

I’m Enken and Whipstitch Sewing is where I blog! For me, sewing is a way of proclaiming my independence in a culture that is always trying to tell us what we should wear and how we should look. While I focus mainly on sewing with vintage patterns, I also riff on knitting, books, sewing accessories and living la vida crafty in sunny South Australia.

On , Ripple Dandelion said: | asewinglife.blogspot.com

Hi Sarai, I’m Ripple and I blog about sewing clothing and life’s little necessities from the western North Carolina mountains. An interest (sometimes obsessive) in vintage sewing machines has also crept into my life and my blog. Thanks for asking!

On , Carisa said: | vintageredpatterns.blogspot.com

Hi there!
I’m Carisa, and my blog is called Vintage Red Patterns at http://vintageredpatterns.blogspot.com/ :-) I recently started my blog to chronicle my attempt at learning to regrade vintage patterns so I can someday turn my mound of vintage patterns into multi-sized patterns that everyone can enjoy and use. Other topics float in and out but it’s all about sewing both vintage and modern.

Hope you like it and thanks! :-D

On , wundermary said: | wundermarysays.blogspot.com

I’m Mary and Wundermary is my superhero name. I’ve grown up sewing and embroidering with my mom and working on cars and building projects with my brothers. So, my blog is a funny mish-mash of whatever I’m up to. That may include the house rehab project I’m working on, a current beading or sewing project, gardening (in season), a foray into baking or pure life randomness.
Thank you for the invite to introduce myself!

On , melissa said: | fehrtrade.com

Fehr Trade is my showcase for my sewing exploits and forays into design. I have a clean modern style with a penchant for tailoring and vintage details. Come see what I’ve made and be inspired!

On , Ellie said: | goodmorningidea.blogspot.com

Hi, I’m Ellie and I’m new to blogging. I started http://goodmorningidea.blogspot.com/ to keep track of all of my craft projects. I am also new to sewing and just got a machine for Christmas. Next week I’ll be putting up one of my first sewing projects – a dress.

On , Jana said: | biselmeshugeh.blogspot.com

Hi, I’m Jana and my blog is http://biselmeshugeh.blogspot.com/. I’m also new to blogging. I wanted to have an outlet for my sewing inspiration, love of vintage, and crazy thoughts that pop into my head from time to time. :)

On , Katie said: | burjeune.blogspot.com

I’m Katie and my blog (and business) is called Burjeune. I studied textile design in college and am just getting back into the swing of “making” again after a couple of years off. My work includes mostly sewing, knitting, and printing fabrics. I also have a little Etsy shop where I am selling some of my wares.

On , Adelaide B said: | craftprettysweet.blogspot.com

Hi, my name is Adelaide and my blog is Pretty Sweet.
It chronicles my sewing and sometimes knitting projects. I am slowly building up my skills and am currently working on more complex projects, many of them vintage or vintage inspired.

On , minnie said: | thankyoufornotbeingperky.com

Thank You For Not Being Perky
I blog about parenting at toddler, sewing and crafts.

Indie Craft Gossip
I use this blog to showcase all the fabulous indie crafts out there. I’m pretty sure I wrote a post about you. :)

On , Darlene said: | naturalviolet.blogspot.com

Hello, my name is Darlene and my blog is Natural Violet.
My blog is about sewing and knitting for my little guy. I make clothes for my son from thrift store finds. I also dye hemp fabric and make lots of cloth diapers. I love changing patterns and trying out new designs.

On , Jos said: | sewjosa.blogspot.com

Hi! I’m Jos and I’m new to sewing. My sewing blog is SewJosa http://sewjosa.blogspot.com/
I love reading sewing blogs, but I’m too shy to comment. I’m starting to realise how much more fun it would be to be part of a sewing community, and I’m starting with a comment on this thread as this is a fantastic idea!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

So glad you did, welcome Jos!

On , Tasia said: | sewaholic.net

Hi, I’m Tasia and I just started my blog Sewaholic (http://sewaholic.net/) as a way for me to justify my sewing hobby and give me an excuse to explore my passion for fabric, sewing, fashion and style.
This is such a good idea as I’ve been searching for inspirational sewing blogs. I look forward to seeing the finished list – it’s going to be huge!

On , Mel said: | stitchlikeagirl.blogspot.com

I’m a huge fan of your patterns. I started sewing regularly back in Sept 2009 as a way of taking my mind off work. I decided to start my blog, stitchlikeagirl.blogspot.com so I could document my projects and hopefully inspire others in the same way I’ve been inspired by all those ridiculously amazing sewing blogs out there.

On , Kristin said: | seemommysew.wordpress.com

I’m Kristin and I blog at See Mommy Sew (http://seemommysew.wordpress.com). It’s mostly just a diary of my sewing projects, though sometimes I’ll do a tutorial and my kids sneak in their sometimes. I’m starting to sew clothing for me, so your patterns are perfect (and lovely).

On , Serendipity Handmade said: | serendipityhandmade.blogspot.com

Hello Sarai, I’m Collette, and I blog at Serendipity Handmade, a blog for the vintage enthusiast. I have just started sewing again after a 20-year break, so along with my sewing projects I also feature my other crafting adventures in crocheting, paper crafts, etc. I talk about vintage sewing patterns, thrifting, estate sale finds, and my vintage collections quite a lot.

And of course, I love the name of your sewing pattern collection…great choice! (*wink*)

On , Monet said: | madebymonet.wordpress.com

Hi, Sarai! I’m Monet and I blog at http://www.madebymonet.wordpress.com (so creative, I know). I write primarily about quilting and garment sewing–sometimes vintage, sometimes modern, but often both.

Thank you so much for including me on your blogroll, and for your amazing patterns and constant inspiration. Your blog is a wonderful place to chat with and learn about other sewers.

On , Rebecca said: | blinkingflights.typepad

Hi Sarai– I only just stumbled on your blog a little while back, & have it listed within the ‘happy new finds’ part of my blogroll.

I mostly make softies, and so that is what I blog about, as well as other little side projects like quilts, and useful things. My blog address is: http://www.blinkingflights.typepad.com

I’m really loving your posts!

On , Antoinette said: | clevergirl.org

Hello Sarai, my name is Antoinette and I recently bought my first Colette pattern and hope to sew it soon! I blog at http://www.clevergirl.org about sewing — mostly apparel, mostly for grown-ups, a few tutorials and patterns, some reconstructions and the rest “origins”. I also just downloaded the knickers pattern and am excited about it!

On , Nadja said: | ensaligblandning.se

Hello, I´m Nadja and I blog about my sewing experiments at “En salig blandning” which you can translate to “A mixture of everything”.
I sew clothes to me and my family, mostly inspired by vintage and rockabilly.

On , mjb said: | meagangracie.wordpress.com

My name is Meagan, and my blog is called “sewing is my ps3″ at meagangracie.wordpress.com – I haven’t had time to post much lately, but my blog is mostly about the quilts I make, and about the clothes I sew when I have enough time to take pictures of them.

On , Natasha said: | nattyjanesews.blogspot.com

Hello! My name is Natasha (aka NattyJane) and I recently started a blog called All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go. In my blog I document my sewing and any other creative directions that I may wander (drawing, painting, needlepoint, knitting, etc?).

On , Ceka said: | localizing.wordpress.com

I write about eating closer to home (cooking at home, supporting local farmers, thinking about the ethics or eating), and I often write about sewing or knitting projects as well. I think there’s a real connection between learning how to make what we eat and wear, and developing a sense of home. The blog is Localizing – do stop by and check it out.

On , Knittymama said: | knittymama.com

Hi, I”m Becca and you can find me at http://knittymama.com where I knit, spin and sew. Most of the sewing I do is for my boys but I try do a little for myself too. I also write about motherhood and general creativity, with a little cooking and gardening as well!

On , Rachel said: | thestylesocial.blogspot.com

Hi there! Rachel from The Style Social here. I started my blog originally to speak about personal style and trends, but it has morphed into something more of a meditation on creating and developing a lifestyle through sewing and making. I’m a self-taught (and still learning!) designer, and you’ll see my progress and obstacles along the way.

On , orata said: | featherandfan.wordpress.com

Hello! I love the look of your patterns but haven’t yet sewn one up… just quietly stalking finished objects on Patternreview and in blogs for the meantime.
My blog is at featherandfan.wordpress.com–lots of knitting and a bit of sewing, spinning, miscellaneous blathering.

On , Christina said: | alittlebirdtoldme-craft.blogspot.com

Hi, I’m Christina and my little crafty blog is ‘A Little Bird Told Me’ – http://alittlebirdtoldme-craft.blogspot.com/.

Although my mother was a seamstress as I grew up and she taught me how to sew, knit and crochet, it wasn’t until I pregnant with my son and wanted him to have handmade toys that I rediscovered my love of craft. My blog follows my creative life, be it mothering, crocheting or collecting.


On , Mikhaela Reid said: | polkadotoverload.blogspot.com

Mikhaela Reid here–I’ve been blogging as a political cartoonist since 2001, but JUST started a dedicated sewing/style blog called “Polka Dot OverLoad” (http://polkadotoverload.blogspot.com/) featuring pattern reviews, sewing projects in progress, style inspiration, both vintage and modern, and cartoons on style and body image.

Here’s how I described myself on the site: “Cartoonist and graphic designer with delusions of making as many of my own clothes as possible and an irrational attraction to bright colors, bold prints and sewing projects far out of my skill set.”

On , Carolyn said: | brocadegoddess.wordpress.com

Hi there! My name is Carolyn
My blog is: Rockin’ the Rococo

I’m not entirely sure how well it fits in, it’s sort of a costume blog. It documents a reproduction project I did last year in conjunction with my MA in dress history. I reproduced 6 ensembles of a middle class englishwoman’s wardrobe c. 1750-1770 all by hand (as in no machine) and while wearing a corset!

On , Leslie said: | cherrybubbins.blogspot.com

My name is Leslie and my blog, Cherry Bubbins, is my record of projects, thoughts and photographs as I search for domestic bliss through sewing, creating, organizing and simplifying.
Find me here: http://cherrybubbins.blogspot.com/
Thanks! leslie

On , Fran Alison said: | missalisonregrets.wordpress.com

Fran Alison
Miss Alison Regrets

With her sharp wit (and tongue firmly in cheek) Miss Alison Regrets is the evil feminist twin of the otherwise demure & exceedingly polite Fran Alison. Miss Alison Regrets is obsessed with all things vintage, Viggo Mortensen, making things, thinking about making things, buying things for making things and sharing the crafty love (which means other people’s blogs). Miss Alison Regrets has excellent taste in books, music and fabric, and is not to be trifled with. (nor taken terribly seriously)

On , Zoe said: | sozowhatdoyouknow.blogspot.com

Hi, this is Zoe (AKA Zozowahine). My blog is ‘So, Zo’ at :http://sozowhatdoyouknow.blogspot.com/

I document my sewing exploits and write about my thoughts on handmade culture, alternative consumption and creative inspiration. I have also started a weekly International Fabric Swap, and Stash Bustin’ challenge. Presently I am doing a self-imposed challenge called me-Made-March and document everyday of it on my blog. Thanks Sarai! x

On , Hanna said: | evergreenknits.blogspot.com

Hello there! My name is Hanna. My blog is “ever green knits” (http://evergreenknits.blogspot.com).

It’s a knitting blog, with kind of a focus on nature-inspired projects and earth-friendly yarns. I just started sewing, so I expect that to start creeping in soon ….

On , Christina said: | jchristinahuh.blogspot.com

Oh I’m so stoked for this! My name’s Christina and my blog is http://jchristinahuh.blogspot.com/ (so much for protecting my identity :P).

Unemployment has left me a lot of time, so I’ve been doing what I wish I were doing during school and internships: making. I document my wins (citrus truffles!) and failures (soon to come on the dreaded curtains). And even though I concluded that my journalism degree is worthless, I’m still a huge fan of good writing and radio, so I often share what I’ve read and listened to.

On , Amy Pulliam said: | helenethelstudio.blogspot.com

Hello. My name is Amy and my blog (www.helenethelstudiobfflogspot.com) is only a few posts old. It will chronicle my adventures and misadventures into sewing . I am very new to sewing and have only been doing it seriously for a little over a month. I will also use it to keep track of other projects- such as the jewelry that I make and the treats that I like to bake and
prepare : )

On , Amy said: | helenethelstudio.blogspot.com

wow, i didn’t realize i was nearly a month late for this. oh well. :)

On , Wendi said: | modernmaam.com

So sweet of you to do this Sarai and I am so grateful to be in such a list and have such a convenient place to spy other super cute blogs!
(can you go fix my name though? it is with an “i”, promise. :) )

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Sorry Wendi, it should be fixed now!

On , Wendi said: | modernmaam.com

Aww shucks! No problem at all and Thanks!

On , Pootle Flump said: | pootleflumpsblog.blogspot.com

HI!!!!!. My name is Claire, Im 37and Ive recently started sewing so created a blog so that I can track my progress and hopefully see some improvements! My blog address is pootleflumpsblog.blogspot.com if anyone fancies a peek at my most recent projects. xx

On , Anita said: | rhinestonebeagle.blogspot.com

Hey all! Im Anita and my co-blogger is Kelly. We recently started a craft blog called Rhinestone Beagle. We just started a monthly craft day at my house and the blog highlights those fun days plus other stuff we make and find along the way. We call it adventures in dog led crafting because our dogs are really the ones running the show.

On , Cheryl Peters said: | pachersblog.blogspot.com

Hi my name is Cheryl and I am new to blogging also, but got brave and started one mainly for my family, so they could hear of my past and future. Have some of my sewing on there, as I now have a small sewing room in my new home we are building in the mts. in eastern Washington. I love sewing, quilting, embroidery, crafts. I just put seashells all around our big mirror, that went into my upstairs bath, as I am doing a nautical type theme. Will put those picts. in soon. Am working on three quilts right now. Had to put my two to the side for the one I am doing for my son and his wife.

On , Jana Stewart said: | klutzyhousewife.blogspot.com

My blog name and address have changed. It’s no longer A Bisel Meshugeh, but is now called The Klutzy Housewife. http://klutzyhousewife.blogspot.com/ :)

On , Cheryl K. said: | paradisodesigns.com

Well Hello. My name is Cheryl K., and my blog is called Paradiso Designs by Cheryl Kuczek, http://paradisodesigns.blogspot.com.
My blog is all about sewing, and I have one special blog post a week devoted to one of my students called “Sewist of the Week” I like to show what my students are doing, especially my kids!
I have had this blog for a while, but I have really geared up to do more with my blog for the sewist that buy and use my patterns (I have my own line). I love giving ideals and tutorials that can make sewing more fun. I love being in this industry.
I think Colette Patterns are really cool, and I have heard so many good things about your patterns.
And this idea here is really such a great out reach to see what else it out there too. I am learning all the time about new things in sewing, and this is a perfect way to do that! Thank-you!

On , Jennifer said: | allidoissew.blogspot.com

I love to sew and just started a new blog to share what I sew and more.

All I Do Is Sew

On , Todays Treasure said: | todaystreasureshoptalk.blogspot.com

I’m Lorrie and I blog at Todays Treasure Shop Talk. This blog was set up to backup my Artfire Pattern Shop, however, I discuss individual sewing patterns, crochet, knitting and some crafts … along with styles, vintage sewing advertisements, a free pattern section, etc.

On , Shirley for Funchkins said: | funchkins.com

Hi there, I’m not from a sewing/craft blog but we do feature great art and design. And where does art and design start but from Crafting? I do like you blog and will definetely subscribe.

On , Goodbye Valentino said: | goodbyevalentino.com

Hi! I just came across this post today. On August 31, 2011 I started a blog devoted to my commitment to make my own clothes for one year.
So far so good for someone with average sewing skills! I’d love for you to take a look and visit my blog @ http://www.goodbyevalentino.com
Many thanks!

On , Rachel said: | designrefinebemine.blogspot.com

What a great idea. Honestly this is going to be an amazing source for me and probably so many others.

I blog over at Be. Mine …url is…designrefinebemine.blogspot.com.

I write about fashion, include helpful sewing ideas, tutorials and links. I make my own clothes. I share how I succeed and fail in the process in order to help others learn from my mistakes. I adore vintage details and recreating RTW looks from now and the 1970’s.

I am also a sewing addicts. Love reading about sewing and learning from others who sew. I’d be nowhere without sewing blogs and that’s part of the reason I blog, that and when you love something you could talk forever about it.

On , Jillian in Italy said: | jillianinitaly.wordpress.com

Unfortunately I’m a few days late but I’ll try and post anyway…

I’m Jill from http://jillianinitaly.wordpress.com/.
I blog about my life in Italy and my love for sewing, crafting, cooking, chicken raising and photography.

I’d love you to visit!

On , lorrwill said: | lorrwill.blogspot.com

lorrwill.blogspot.com. Craft ADD blog. Sewing, jewelry, yarn arts, etc…See her try, fail, but rise to try again… & sometimes even succeed!

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