Vintage Details: A Corded Neckline

I just came across this really pretty dress on Etsy. I really love vintage dresses like this: simple, but with eye-catching details. This dress even has pockets!

Alas, it is a bit small for me, but take a look at that neckline for inspiration! It looks like two rows of fabric-covered cording are appliqued at the neckline and armholes, forming that lovely geometric pattern. Adorable! You could definitely add something like this to a dress you’re making, or even an existing simple dress!

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On , Erin said: | trailertreasureblog.com

Amazing! Sometimes I just can’t get over how these details on vintage dresses are so simple yet make such an incredible statement! They really don’t make them like they used to.

On , Terri said:

This is really lovely.

On , M said: | thelazymilliner.blogspot.com

Not hard to do…I would just smoosh the cording into place with a KK2000 to keep the loops in place temporarily. Sew. Dry. Wear!

On , mary@passionateperseverance said: | passionateperseverance.com

LOVE his small but impressive details. They take a simple dress and take it over the top. Just lovely!

On , Shannon said: | sew-thrifty.blogspot.com

This is FABulous. Seriously, I think I would wear that ALL the time. Oh man, I saved the photo in my inspiration folder, I hope you don’t mind.

On , elise said:

Stunningly chic. Thanks for posting, I LOVE this sheath dress!

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