Vintage details: Paisley fans

I just came across this pretty paisley dress at croatiavintage and was really taken by the little fans along the front placket. Wouldn’t this be a darling application for a button placket on a silk dress? I think it would look amazing in a knock-out solid color.

They look extremely easy: just strips of fabric that are gathered at one side to create a fan shape.

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On , Chedva said: | bellysbutton.typepad.com

I really don’t like paisley, but I love the detail!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

I feel pretty much the same, though I like paisley a little more than I used to. It does have a nice menswear-ish vibe in the right circumstances.

On , clare said: | luckymia.blogspot.com

I’m not that keen on paisley in general but love the colour of this and the fan details are adorable. Must try this technique on a garment!

On , Andrea said:

I love all things paisley and that fan detail is gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration.

On , Twill Jill said: | braverhomesandgardens.blogspot.com

Those fans are one of those things that Threads magazine likes to call a “delicious detail”. I’m going to have to try them on something!

On , Jane from NZ said:

Ooh I love them! I am planning a winter dress with a placket and these would look great. Thanks for once again finding something cute to inspire us all

On , Kirsty Mowatt from UK said: | rawrpeople.blog.com

i really love this. Particularly the vintage pattern and shape.
Great piece.
Very inspiring for my projects…

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