Welt Pocket Inspiration

Since Sarai shared her welt pockets off yesterday, I thought I’d add a few inspirational images of welt pocket variations you could try.

The first image shows a really cool piped tab on a welt pocket from this 40s suit. Then there is the ultra-thin lipped welt on this cool leather jacket. Another idea is to trim the pockets, like the green skirt above. And then there is that awesome chevron-shaped welt from an Anthropologie skirt.

Images: Denim Chevron, Decorative Green & Black, Grey Tab, White Leather

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On , Stevie said: | beebeesvintagedress.blogspot.com

I love the denim welt pocket! I’d love to make a few like that so beautiful!

On , Claire (aka Seemane) said: | sew-incidentally.com

Hi Stevie !
Check out Patty’s post here: An experiment… lotus blossom welt pockets she copied those denim welt pockets :)

On , Laura said: | fullerworks.blogspot.com

I HAVE to copy the piped tab on the 40’s suit. So natty!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Isn’t it lovely? I don’t think it would be too challenging.

On , Dominique Du Sablon said: | odarlin.com

I love these, I have yet to make a pair of pants but when I do, I will drawing inspiration from this post for the pockets! Thanks for sharing!

On , lewaletzko said:

Please tell me that the two of you are friends….I read both blogs and always picture the two of you puzzling over patterns and shopping for notions together.

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Caitlin and I? Of course! We do both those things frequently together. :)

On , Patty the snugbug said: | pattythesnugbug.com

OK – this is totally tooting my own horn, but I, too, fell in love with the anthro pocket last year and agonized over recreating it – to save others the pain, here’s a link to the pics I took.


I keep meaning to upload the pattern pieces but haven’t gotten around to it! The pockets worked out pretty well, the only problems are the corners on the inside, but I ALWAYS have trouble in that area with welt pockets because I’m too impatient and sloppy!

I hope that’s helpful for anyone who likes the denim skirt pockets!!

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Patty, this is awesome! I love that you reverse engineered it. Maybe I’ll try this out myself!

On , Kristen said:

I’m loving that denim pocket. That’d probably be cute on a spring pastel colored dress as well.

On , maddie said: | madalynne.com

Welt pockets are that detail that says the garment has been well sewn. I too love the Anthropolgie skirt! I’m a technical designer for Anthropologie and I handled that skirt during it’s development :)

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Wow, so cool maddie!

On , Jo said: | makingitwell.blogspot.com

Wow, those sure are some nifty pockets! My fav is the piped tab. The one I don’t like is the green skirt— I say no thanks to big old caterpillars crawling on me! (or worse! tee hee)

On , Sarai said: | colettepatterns.com

Ha! I think they’d look good with less contrast and maybe smaller. I hadn’t thought of them as insects, but of course that’s all I see now.

On , Lou said:

Gorgeous! Love the 40’s piped look and the sleek leather look!

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