Why Staystitch?

Staystitching is a straight stitch sewn through one layer of fabric. It’s most often used around a curve to prevent distortion. To staystitch a curve, set your stitch length to 1.5. Having the stitches closer together creates a stronger hold. The standard is 1/8″ away from the sewing line, so if your seam allowance is 5/8″ then stitch 1/2″ away from the edge. It’s important to staystitch soon after cutting out your fabric. Simply moving your fabric around a few times, depending upon the fabric, can stretch out curves. This is because the curve cuts across the bias, the stretchiest part of fabric. To really see this in action, cut a curve out of some scrap fabric and then pull on it. You’ll see how that curve completely changes. That’s much more extreme than what would happen to your garment, but you get the idea!

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On , Kristin said:

So should you staystitch anytime there is a curve?
Thanks so much for all these helpful tips!

On , Amanda said:

Ugh. I just learned this the hard way with a pattern that didn’t suggest staystitching. It seemed like it would be a good idea, but I lazily ignored my gut and then ended up with a stretched out neckline. It’s so easy and makes a huge difference.

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On , rachel said:

I love your designs and classic style!

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On , Juliana said:

excelente información y gracias por brindarnos sus conocimientos, pero no se como bajar ya que no siempre puedo entrar a internet